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Clear - short story

Evil crystal power!

Humanized Mephiles is finally done!

Onto the next one.

I'm still thinking that I need to update the P4 doujinshi collection listing, but then I realize that it's going to take a very long time to get all those covers scanned, hahaha. But a promise is a promise, so I hope to take care of that soon!

Also, three days of nonstop crazy stress made my acid reflux go into overload, so I'm somewhat ill thanks to that. ;_; Cannot handle the stress at all, apparently.
Clear - short story

This is really starting to get stupid

Now I'm stuck without internet access on the computer, plus I keep getting popups from AVG about some "Adware Generic 4.sv" thing, and neither seem related, much to my irritation. I have no real clue about what can be done to help, but I'm letting AVG do a full computer scan before I move along to anything else.

Unrelated, I made it through Sonic 2006, which I'm rather split on. I loved it for the graphics, music, and characters, but the controls were obnoxious, the loading times were possibly the worst I've ever encountered in any game, and the story was iffy at times. The final boss battles were the easiest Sonic final battles ever, but after making us suffer through the game prior to that point, maybe the creators were trying to give players some slack?

Sonic's story: 4/10
+Lots of speed and less focus on the seriousness.
-Too much speed and lack of decent control when you can't stop in certain levels.
-Sonic x Elise vibes make me cry.

Silver's story: 8/10
+Psychic powers are a lot of fun!
+The best control scheme of all three hedgehogs if you ask me.
-Lack of direct attacks can make the enemies that much harder to beat.

Shadow's story: 7/10
+More control when running/skating.
+Story segments are serious business, revealing most of what was behind the scenes in the other stories.
-Forced use of vehicles can really ruin the fun.

Last Story: 5/10
+All playable characters get their own levels.
+How to handle the final boss and who gets to attack is completely up to the players.
-Most of the side characters have even worse controls than the main characters.
-The final boss itself is incredibly underwhelming in appearance, backstory, and battle strategy.
-Unsatisfying ending.

Why do they list the Japanese voice actors during the ending credits when you can't listen to them in the actual game!? D:

MGS4 makes my eyes happy. <3 It's one of the most gorgeous games I've ever seen.
Clear - short story

Tiny updates and continuing to wait

The computer should be ready soon, if all goes well. It'll take time to reinstall everything, so I must go hunting up the discs all over again to prepare.

I can't check on my favorite P4 circles on bro's laptop. OTL It's been bugging me tremendously.

Still begging asking for any zip files of P4 artwork and fanworks, especially of Adachi. ;_;

Updated art project list includes:
1. mermaid picture for Tegan
2. thank you picture for Evan
3. birthday picture for Vicky
4. Jigglypuff for Cassie
5. special Personas picture for Vicky

Tried drawing Frank's bunny face (from Donnie Darko) at work, scaring Vicky in the process. XD; Sorry, but I found that to be very amusing.

In Sonic 2006, all that remains is to get through the Last Story. End of the World appears to be the worst act in the entire game.

Who's your favorite Sonic character?
Me: Shadow
Vicky: Sonic
Pam: Knuckles
Dianne: Tails