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FedEx scam e-mails? Now there are D:

I'm a bit disappointed about an e-mail my brother got earlier.

The e-mail he got was supposedly from FedEx about a package that wasn't sent due to the address being incorrect. The invoice or whatever was in the zip file, which he'd have to print out, or so it said.

Since he doesn't have a printer for his laptop yet, he wanted to print it out on my computer here. So I checked on it, downloaded the zip, and went to unzip it...

Only to find out that it had at least 3 different trojans in there. D: I deleted stuff pretty quickly, but I'll be running a couple scans after this to be safe!

I should have noticed something was wrong, but I wasn't completely awake, which equals my sight not being that great.

Things to notice which imply it's fake:
No contact information provided!
No information about the order in question!
The written portion, as in the information provided, was a JPEG file/a picture instead of typed!

My brother called up one of the FedEx offices, and they never heard of the name provided as a "manager" nor the order/invoice number in the title of the zip file.

So if you get this weird e-mail from "FedEx", it's spam and a way to infect your computer!!
Clear - short story

New problem with Firefox?

I'm not sure why this is, but I've been having a tremendously difficult time browsing online for more than 10 minutes at a time because Firefox starts to load extremely slowly and if I click on any of the top tabs such as Bookmarks or Tools, the box will appear as a partial outline with nothing inside for anywhere between 15 seconds and 3 minutes. The same thing happens if I right-click anything.

This started happening noticeably enough yesterday, which was the first day since Firefox updated itself, if I remember correctly. No other programs have behaved like this, now can I even go back to a previous version of Firefox. I'm not sure why this is happening other than the possibility that using Firefox for more than 10 minutes starts to slow the computer down or perhaps the browser itself slows down for whatever reason.

It doesn't matter if I'm using an administrator or guest account on the computer. It gets worse on sites with loads of ads, although it seems to happen regardless of the ads being present. Would it be best to wait it out until Firefox updates again? That means that I'll have to restart Firefox whenever the problem arises, and by then, it can take Firefox several minutes before it'll close down, even after hitting the X button.

Has anyone else been having a sudden problem with Firefox? That's my real question besides asking for any possible fixes.

Thanks to this, I only got to focus on work-related e-mails today and check on minimal stuff in the Pokemon community. Yes, I was somehow able to update there, but it's easier to check one post than it is to check my entire friends' page. :( So if I don't comment on something until much later, don't be surprised. OTL

Although I know that I'm very behind on looking at DA, my brother still browses it on this computer, so I really think the ads there are making everything worse. I guess I'll just have to give in and get a subscription to prevent the headaches. =_=
Clear - short story

Throat issues can really ruin a fun day

Yesterday started strangely, was wonderful in the middle, and ended spectacularly awful.

The good stuff involved spending a fun-filled outing with Stephanie and picking up some random fun I will probably talk about when I'm feeling better.

The bad stuff was about my grandmother causing me so much stress, I had the worst attack of food getting stuck in my throat, probably related to my acid reflux issues, since May. Thanks to that, I couldn't eat anything for over half a day. After sleeping and not even thinking about the on-call duty, I felt almost decent again. Unfortunately, after returning to being on-call again, the symptoms have returned somewhat. It's obvious that my grandmother is the only source of this situation, and there's nothing I can do to change that. ;_; This is beyond irritating.

On the brighter side, I finally got to watch Lilo and Stitch for the first time. This is what KH:BBS was doing to me with these Disney movies, hahaha. I thought it was pretty fun! :D Six-legged Stitch is adorable~! A-Are there any plushies of him in that form? The characters from the movie that do show up in KH:BBS are dubbed into Japanese so well, too.

As for KH:BBS itself, I did beat Aqua's story and started Terra's instead of Ven's. I definitely enjoy Terra's story the most so far. <3 For some reason, I forgot that all the story final battles are in two parts, hahaha. Yes, even Last Story has a two-part final battle~! If anyone feels that Terra's attacks are too slow, you can always try the D-Link with Ven, which speeds up Terra's attacks quite a bit. Excluding the Last Story final boss battles, I think Terra gets several very epic boss fights in his story.

I'm behind on getting my current couple projects done, so if I'm feeling better tomorrow, it's time to get going on things!