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Time for some gaming music fun

I'm still not sure what PC game I should attempt playing next. :( Instead of testing and trying, I have been listening to various fun PC game songs and thought I'd share!

Opening song "True Eyes" full version

Exorcism of Maria
Opening song short version
Opening video with Uriel's narration version

Lucky Dog 1
Opening song "Don't Lose Luck" short version

Princess Nightmare
PC version opening song "Tokyo Diorama" CD single
PC version opening video
PS2 version opening video

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep demo rip samples
Castle of Dreams battle song
Enchanted Dominion battle song
Spinning Wheel battle song

Of the above links, I'm rather addicted to the opening songs for Steal! and The Exorcism of Maria. I'm extremely excited about KH:BBS, but it won't be released in Japan until January 9th, so it's just a waiting game all over again. It's also a matter of finding a place to order from.

After a long and fruitless search for the Exorcism of Maria soundtrack online, I went ahead and ordered it. The sample MP3s off the official site were very encouraging, so even if I never play the game seriously, the music is top notch. The problem with loving obscure games is that it takes so much effort, and usually money, to get the stuff you really want to get in relation to said games. :( *points to Princess Nightmare as an example*

Finally catching up to some of the more recent KH:BBS news, some things are pretty awesome while other tidbits are actually giving me strange reactions. It's nice knowing that Zack from FFVII is still popular enough that he'll be showing up in the game. While I'm glad that we'll be seeing what the first six members of Organization XIII were like when they were complete, some of them just plain confuse me.

1. I can't wait to see how the story will explain the inevitable situations for the three main protagonists, especially with Terra. Terra is instant love in my book.

2. Xigbar -> Braig looks a great deal younger, no scars, no pointy ears, and no eyepatch. He vaguely reminds me of a cowboy kind of officer.

3. Xaldin -> Dilan looks basically the same, except with his hair being more controlled/pulled back and with less crazy dreadlock action.

4. Vexen -> Even looks exactly the same, just with lighter hair.

5. Lexaeus -> Aeleus (corrected now) looks exactly the same.

6. Zexion -> Ienzo. This one somehow bugs me a bit. Ienzo looks like a little boy! D: I do realize that the game takes place roughly a decade before the original KH, but I was under the impression that Nobodies stopped aging from the original form's appearance once they came into being/nonexistence. Maybe I'm wrong?

Is this the newest trailer?

A-Are those little blips from the opening? I can't wait to see! My main complaint is that they still aren't using a new vocal song. D: I'd love to hear a brand new song, not "Hikari" for the fourth time (1st in KH, 2nd in KH:CoM, 3rd in KH:reCoM, and now 4th in KH:BBS). This isn't Sora's story, although it'll inevitably lead into how the main story began. Guess we'll have to wait for KH3 before we'll hear a new song.

So I read that what were referred to as Unbirth are now called the Unversed? Okay, now I'm officially confused about these new entities in the KH universe. I think I'll stay away from early speculation, but I've been used to calling them the Unbirth for so long, it'll take a bit longer for me to get used to the name change, assuming it's accurate. If they're supposed to be the opposite of life or some part of it, wouldn't Unbirth make sense? Unversed sounds like someone who doesn't read, hahaha. We shall see!
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Animamundi drama CD revival with two bonuses

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More Princess Nightmare vocal songs

Your rainbow is intensely shaded green, white, and violet.


What is says about you: You are an intelligent person. You appreciate quiet moments. People depend on you to make them feel secure. You are patient and will keep trying to understand something until you've mastered it.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.

I wonder where the green came from? o.o

Since I never did remember to share these here earlier... Time for those remaining Princess Nightmare character songs.

Princess Nightmare PS2 version opening song
Personal rating: 4.5/5

Inukai's song
Personal rating: 3.5/5

Prince Chaos Crimson's song
Personal rating: 4.5/5

Phantom's song
Personal rating: 4/5

Vlad's song
Personal rating: 5/5
This is currently my all-time favorite Princess Nightmare vocal song somehow. XD

Here's an extra bonus, since I think this soundtrack is quite nice.
Sigma Harmonics OST
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Some Princess Nightmare PS2 photos to share

I never got around to describing how the PS2 version of Princess Nightmare was in comparison to the PC version. It's been a while since I played last, so my impressions aren't as strong or clear as they were before. What I can say is somewhat limited, but I'll give it a try anyway.

Besides the new and different opening sequence, there are quite a few extras. Sequences that had no special CGs now have their own to compliment scenes. Several new endings were included as well. I must admit that I wasn't a fan of Prince before, but his added ending made me actually begin to like him. @_@ Franken gets a "true" ending also, which he rightfully deserved. Cheshire gets his own ending, although it seemed rushed to me. A couple extra items were also added to the inventory list, while some of the originals were given at different times.

All in all, the PS2 version does a better job of making the game seem more complete. :) Unfortunately, since I can't seem to hook up the PS2 to the computer or figure some things related to that out yet, it was impossible to show anything before. Thankfully, I had recently gotten a digital camera, so for your viewing pleasure or displeasure, I've taken some photos of most of the PS2 version CGs under the following cut.

Some of the photos came out decently, while others I had a lot of trouble with. Well, they are photos of the TV screen, so it can't be helped.

Collapse )

There is more to come, although not the same sort of thing. ;)
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Official Princess Nightmare character name spellings from the character song collection album

While I take the time to copy this album from the CD to share, here are some official spellings of some cast members from Princess Nightmare, as they are written in the CD insert:

Ichirota Inukai
Radu Draculea
Prince Chaos Crimuzon
Franken Riesling
Van Helsing
Vlad Draculea

I knew the family name wasn't the same as Dracula! D: Since Little and Radu clearly say "Dracula" during the Halloween party scene, and it's pronounced correctly, when referencing a costume idea, it emphasized the difference in possible spelling from their family name.

So you can take this with a grain of salt, especially with "Crimuzon" instead of "Crimson". Thankfully this clears up the situation with Franken's last name. ^o^

Any other updates will be at another time.
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Princess Nightmare PS2 out + Fanime 2008 brief videos

While I've been indisposed elsewhere, the PS2 version of Princess Nightmare came out around a week ago, yet my copy arrived just today. XD;; I haven't tried out the game yet, although I was checking out the music directly from the game disc. If you haven't seen it yet, here is the PS2 version's new opening, which I totally dig.

"劇薬流刑地" sung by Prince Chaos Crimson

I'd love a full version of the new opening song, but was one ever created outside of the instrumental version in the PS2 game? O.o;;

Fanime this year was overall a lot of fun, moreso than last year in some way. I also got to hurry along with my cosplay as Darkrai from Pokemon. Considering how little time I had to create a costume, it came out pretty good. I'm still awaiting a couple of photos from my best friend, but I have found a few off of DA. You can also see me in this video for about two seconds. I'm on the far left in the dark costume.

The Masquerade had both great and horrid skits. Some of the better ones include these.
#16 Hellsing
We loved Piplup's dancing more than anything else in this skit.
#10 Trinity Blood
#15 Slayers
I never watched Baccano before, but the skit was still very good.
Probably the best skit out of all done.

I wish someone would upload the final skit because after so many bad ones, it was a major relief. Absolutely classic. XD
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Mephistopheles' song translation!

I did find the missing kanji on my own! :D Go me! So here is my translation of Mephistopheles' song from Princess Nightmare.

"One Who Hates the Light, Embraces the Darkness"
Translation by Tagami

From those vulgar lips is a miserable request
It's best to recite it before the tip of thy tongue forks

In those corrupted pupils are thoughts of malice
It's best to desire before thine eyes are crushed

Kneel, ye pitiful lambs
I shall embrace the darkness with hatred of the light

By utilizing overflowing malice for thy wish
I shall grant it in exchange for thy soul

In the vast depths of despair is thy prayer
I shall grant hope which has already been lost

Cower in fear, ye pitiful lambs
I shall embrace the darkness with hatred of the light

Kneel, ye pitiful lambs
I shall embrace the darkness with hatred of the light

Cower in fear, ye pitiful lambs
I shall embrace the darkness with hatred of the light

Is it just me or is he still talking about his experiences with Georik? XD Haha, this was fun!

If I have the time, the next song translation will probably be Helsing's. ^o^

I made a few little edits to help the song flow better. Thank you, Lezard, for reminding me. XD *was watching a VP2 video*
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Princess Nightmare character songs part 1

MediaFire, why must you behave so erratically? OTL *restarts the uploads from the beginning*

With life being fairly hectic and the stress affecting me physically, I haven't been keeping up with things anywhere as well as I should have. x.x;

On a positive side, I received my copies of half the Princess Nightmare character song CDs recently and you can download my rips of them from the following!

Vol. 2 Radu
Personal rating: 3/5
Sorry, Radu, but your song is kind of bland. ;_;

Vol. 5 Mephistopheles
Personal rating: 5/5
Hahaha, I was happily surprised at how awesome this sounded. XD I can imagine Mephistopheles performing this for Lucifer. ^o^

Vol. 6 Franken
Personal rating: 4.5/5
You'd think that Franken was trying to breakdance, going by how differently he sounds in this than his normal speaking goes. It did take me a few listens to really appreciate it. Different, but neat!

Vol. 7 Helsing
Personal rating: 5/5
Helsing doesn't go for sounding at all like his Yama-chan version, but it's still a very nice song. :D

The animation in episode 162 of Bleach seems to be of better quality than some episodes recently!

New Slayers series in the works? I'm actually really excited about that, and it's planned to be two seasons long. Maybe I should read the novels sometime? "Anime-exclusive" story sounds unrelated to the novels, but I hope it'll be good no matter what, something to really look forward to and enjoy greatly. ^_^
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Princess Nightmare cast list?

For the heck of it, I'll go look up who voices who in Princess Nightmare. A little late, I know, but except for a handful, I hadn't been paying too much attention. A couple have me doing double-takes. I'm not going to be looking at Ittosai from Yo-Jin-Bo, Silver the Hedgehog, or Shadow the Hedgehog in the same way thanks to this. XD;

Little: Ryoko Shintani
Radu: Kouji Yusa
Vlad and Mephistopheles: Hiroki Yasumoto
Cheshire: Rekka Katakiri
Inukai: Daisuke Ono
Shinji: Makoto Ishii
Helsing: Hideki Ogihara
Franken: Kishou Taniyama
Murasame: ???? Itou (I seriously cannot find any listings)
Phantom: Megumi Ogata
Sumomo: Kana Asumi
Yuka: Maria Yamamoto

Whew! That was a bit of searching. But I can't find anything on Murasame's voice actor! D: