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New Phantasy Star: Portable 2 Infinity trailer

Hey mrastigmatist, you know what rocks about PS:P2I? They've included a now ultra hot Hyuga with glasses and Olga Flow. <3

I'm not certain if I'd import it, to be honest. That doesn't change the fact that it's incredibly tempting with the additions. Reminds me that I need to progress more in PS:P2 sometime to see if Hyuga shows up in at least that.
Icelus with Altaria

Starting PS:P2

Since I decided to begin playing Phantasy Star: Portable 2, it does work and I've already created my first character for it, which is based on Icelus because that's my usual default, hahaha. I recall that in the Japanese demo of the game, there was a lot of spoken voicework for all the dialogue you see on the screen. As usual, that doesn't carry over into the U.S. version; they've removed all non-cutscene spoken dialogue. Sega isn't known for normally handling these things very well, so I can't say I'm surprised. At the least, the dubbing so far is turning into the best I've heard from the Phantasy Star games in more recent years, although it probably won't be anything ultimately awesome.

I'm still getting used to the way of things and took the opportunity to fill in all the blanks for random dialogue shots my character can make, haha. I'm already signed up to go online and hang out with anyone who'd like to, but first, I should level up and plan ahead in order to be helpful.

So far, I only sort of like Chelsea, which I didn't really expect, haha. Hopefully there will be other characters that I'll like, so we'll wait and see how it all plays out.

Regardless of my starting PS:P2, I'll return to KH:BBS later because I'm much more dedicated overall to that~!

In other news, I found this a while ago, although I'm not quite remembering from where, so I've uploaded it myself to share. If you'd like to see how Bandai Namco's N.A. branch should be handling at least the Tales games on the DS, then you can try out one fangroup's handling of Tales of Innocence, bringing it into English for the first time, since we'll never get it "officially":
ToI in English
Even if it would get released into English officially, who wants to bet they'd remove all the spoken dialogue just like how Sega tends to do? It's kind of amazing how much dialogue is spoken, for a DS game and all, in ToI, haha. I've played a little, but ran out of time before I could locate a save point, so I'll have to start all over again before I'll be able to get somewhere. I really need to get a game controller for the computer sometime.
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Thinking about the older games and beasties

While I was having dinner, I decided for no real reason to play a little bit in Phantasy Star Online (Gamecube version) again. This in turn makes me want to play Phantasy Star 0 again, hahaha. And that realization makes me a bit more excited about Phantasy Star: Portable 2's upcoming release.

My main character in PSO is Xetal (full name Xetalaga in case I mention her again), a RAcaseal who's based off the "anti" version of my Galatea. Because I'm forever forced to play offline and tend to advance very slowly, she's still not overpowered nor overleveled.

Which class in PS0 was the overpowered class? All Force types? I still am under the impression that in PSO, the Ranger types are the overpowered ones. Just fire those guns, rifles, and shotguns from a distance and you're all set. Even with that in mind, I like my RAcaseal Xetal and hope that I can welcome some rendition of her in PS:P2.

One day, I'd like to draw Xetal because she's a neat one. :) It's weird that I base Xetal on most everything I can't expect of Galatea, yet it works.

Michi challenged me to draw something odd. I don't believe I've mentioned it here before, but this is about my Devoid.

The Devoid can't be completely seen at any point because portions of their bodies aren't within our visual spectrum or range.

The challenge would be to draw at least a single Devoid and show what we're technically unable to see. Whether I try to do this challenge now or later, I'm undecided. However, it will happen eventually because it'd be a fun exercise.

And to clarify about the whole mysteriousness of the Devoid themselves, I know exactly what they are and where they come from, but important story stuff can't be revealed early.
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New collection update, made with more plush and metal

The weather has been rather gloomy lately, what with the nonstop rain and dark clouds looming. The week itself was rather stressful as well, so I used my frustration to start working on a side fun doodle.

To anyone who has played Phantasy Star Zero, if you made it all the way to the end, you know that Dark Falz isn't overly impressive, especially compared to his crazy spikey forms in all other games he appears in. To get the irritation out, I'm currently redesigning him a bit and trying to make him look more interesting and less failing, hahaha. In the game, he looks and acts more like an elephant.
I'm also going to include this as an example of sketch commission work for future reference, when I rework my commission prices soon.

But let's move along to cuter updates, shall we? :)
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I was testing out playing The Exorcism of Maria, which is incredibly picky with how you start it. You MUST use the NoCD Patch every time you want to play it? D: I still need to finish playing more in Lucky Dog 1, too. Then I got a huge urge to play Animamundi all over again. That, my friends, is one of the absolute longest ADV games ever, hahahah. W-What should I do about this? OTL It isn't that I get to play PC games very often, but I'm trying to decide my next course of action/main focus when I do want to.

There isn't that much time left until Christmas, so I'll try to get a couple things sent off by Tuesday at the latest! D: If all goes well, that is. *wrapping wrapping*
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Adventures in PS-related games

After getting through the main story mode in PS0, I ended up playing a little bit in PSO one night. Now I'm trapped in nostalgia mode, hahaha. I'm rather hooked on the ending theme from ep. 2, which you can listen to below.

One day, maybe I'll be fortunate enough to somehow get a copy of the Plus version of PSO on the Gamecube. Possible Christmas or birthday gift idea there! I only have the original Gamecube version, which was hard enough to get years ago. Surprise special editions make me sad when I learn about them far too late.

Although I'd love to draw some fanart of Olga Flow sometime, it's nearly impossible to find decent pictures of him! D:

I'm almost done with the current animation segment. After adding in quite a few in-between frames, they really helped. Hopefully I'll be able to share my progress relatively soon! ^o^
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Recent DS gaming fun

I'll be reupping my old Animamundi drama CD links in the next entry because several previous links died without my knowledge and I got a request to do so. As I wait for these things to finish uploading could take forever at this rate, here are some odd DS-related things from this weekend!

Some of you might have known about that special Pokemon event thing at Toys"R"Us that finished today. Long story short, I just barely made it. OTL

Even then, they only had a small display stand and nothing else! Lots of people online said they got free stickers and posters, but at the closest Toys"R"Us we've got? Nothing. So I stood there like an idiot and downloaded my awesome new Arceus. By the way, I can't seem to take decent photos of the DS screen, so bear with me on this.

Since it's another event Pokemon, it's impossible to name him. :( Considering that he's level 100 (max level in the game) by default, I doubt I'll even use him in my active party unless I want to rush through everything at crazy speeds. I love him regardless. <3

As for aiming to get a shiny Giratina, I'll have to retry after I finish the main story since that's the only other time I can attempt the refight. What's really sad is that I did some rough math estimations for how many soft resets I've done thus far. Approximately 12,000 soft resets in the last five months or so. I really think that my game is incapable of letting me get a shiny Giratina. Why is my game so unlucky? ;_;

Speaking of being unlucky, I've been rather ill this weekend for no apparent reason. Most everything I've eaten doesn't sit with me at all and I end up feeling rather miserable. Since I had gotten a copy of Phantasy Star Zero (PS0), I thought why not give it a start while I'm stuck recovering?

It's quite fun, especially if you've enjoyed Phantasy Star Online! :D

I'll admit that I do not like the appearances of nearly all the classes FOmar, why must you look completely unlike the usual options!?, but out of three character slots, I've stuck with two Newmans. Thinking back on the older games, I've normally stuck with Humans and Casts (androids), so this is certainly a change, hahaha.

Since I'm lame and wanted to stick with my original characters for inspiration, I somehow ended up with both of these named after Icelus, although the bangs are on the wrong side. XD;

HUnewm Icelus. I'll admit that when playing online games, I rarely pick the attack types (HU = hunter = attack type), and the lock-on stuff in PS0 isn't so hot from what I have played. This is why HUnewm Icelus is not as leveled up as...

FOnewm Icelus. He's surprisingly fun to play with! I suppose this reinforces my usual gaming style of a magic user. Then again, Icelus is also a magic user type, especially with his crazy staff. :)

And to show another version, here's how I have physically adult! Icelus in Phantasy Star: Portable.

That's on an old save, so I might try to remake him sometime and be a bit more precise on the proportions.

I haven't tried connecting online in PS0, but if anyone really really wants someone to act as a healer (overall magic user) in their party, let me know and we could exchange friend codes. :3 I'm just really shy when it comes to these online games, hahaha.