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Revamped Sales, yay!

All right, it took me this whole week to get everything uploaded and written out, but I'm done for now!

If anyone would like to see the new photos and listings, you can visit my sales journal now.


P4 doujinshi sales entry
Table of Contents entry (for finding everything quickly)

Now that it's way later than I'd like it to be, it's time to retire for the night!
Clear - short story

P4 doujinshi sale at my sales journal~!

Some of you might have already seen the updates, but I'll mention it here as well.

I've updated my sales journal with a bunch of my P4 doujinshi, straight from my collection. At this point, I need any help I can get, so feel free to take a look and see if anything interests you.


P4 doujinshi sale post: http://tagami-sales.livejournal.com/2985.html

I'll be moving onto reorganizing my Pokemon sales items tomorrow because I'm too tired to endure that tonight. My day has kind of gone in a very strange direction, but I am happy to have accomplished what I have today.

If I don't reply to anything intelligently tonight, it's because I'll be working on artwork all hardcore-like for the remainder of my time, if I can manage. Here's hoping I can finish coloring something before the weekend finishes!
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Lots more doujinshi, so it's collection update time

Let's start with a completely random question! Do you take cold/cool or warm/hot showers?
Personally, I can't handle cold/cool showers at all. My temperatures in general seem somewhat coldblooded, so to take a freezing shower does not make me feel good. Warm showers all the way.

The forgotten package was specially delivered, finally! Although the main stuff that came is a secret for now, I did get a couple new doujinshi. However, I had been saving this update for a while, so there's a bit to share. Uh, but the odd part is that there isn't one large group at any point. This is going to be rather image-heavy, I'm afraid. BRACE YOURSELVES! This might be the last larger doujinshi bunch I'll have to share for a while.

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Long update is long. OTL
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P3+P4 charms ahoy!

I've gone through the P3+P4 charms box and yes, it's the full set, so unless I actually get my original order in addition to this second one, there are no duplicates available.
The order I have yet to receive was a preorder from August, but I really don't believe I'll be getting it at this rate. This box is an actual non-preorder I made this month. It makes no sense. D:

I'm splitting this into two sections:

The first is the overall look of the box and what I'm keeping.

The second section will be showing what I have available to sell of these charms.
The sale part is open to friends only for the time being. When interest here is gone or some are unclaimed, the remainders will go into my main sales journal.

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Clear - short story

Fun charms, the infamous plush pile, and Pokemon Black party restructuring

I said I'd take a photo of the new charms, but I thought I'd go ahead and include all I've got by reilaa, so...

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I did get a noticeable change to my Pokemon Black party, so here we go again!

Utena Heart

Quetz Kero

Rubio Claude

I was so happy to finally get a Bachuru because seriously, they are the cutest baby spiders ever. I've written his name as クロード due to lack of space available (five spaces total), but I'll refer to him as Claude~!

Also, I got my P3+P4 charm set in the mail already. o_o I'll be looking into that after I eat, then I'll decide what I'm keeping and what's for sale. Stay tuned!