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Scolipede/Pendoraa chibi

Hadn't done of these in a while, huh?

Anyone else dealing with really bad loading issues with LJ today? D:

I got some fun packages in the mail today, so I'll have a happy little collection update here.

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For weird news, I picked up Portal 2 (yes, I caved in from everyone telling me to play it) today and find it to be very amusing, although I am not that good at the game itself. XD I am slow when it's from 1st person POV, or at least I think I am. I do think the turrets are cute now, too. <3 "I'm different!" gets me every time~!
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When varied story renditions are awesome

I didn't expect a fortune cookie to basically kick me in the face. It's not even a hint. It's straightforward advice that hit home. In a nutshell, it's time to get back to work. Well, after this little session, that is.

Now I have all but one of the English language releases of the Togainu no Chi manga series. Although currently two volumes are still untranslated and the series is on-going in Japan, I'm very glad to have found what I could. Specifically, I own volumes 2-6 now.

The manga is actually a lot better and much more interesting than it gets credit for.

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Speaking of manga, I got Jack Frost (technically a manhwa) vol. 4 in the mail today. I've been sort of keeping up with the series mainly because I think the art style is interesting. However, the story is quite lacking and random, which is a shame. You can summarize the story as random characters fighting each other at a school, with lots of detail when it comes to fanservice and violence, argh. Also, the majority of the dialogue makes no sense whatsoever, it's like I'm watching .hack//G.U. Trilogy all over again. The script is about the same quality.

Why I bring this up is that at first, I recognized that certain characters were more or less copied out of Hellsing (ex. Jack Frost = Alucard), but in vol. 4, we see a guy who looks like a Sephiroth clone. X_x; Long hair? Check. Wearing a dark outfit with huge shoulder guards in that particular style? Check. Using a sword? Check. Call me disappointed.

Depending upon how vol. 5 goes, that might end up being the last volume I bother with. I'm really not enjoying anything but parts of the art style, so there's no real reason to keep buying a series that has no real "meat" to it. I got this volume free thanks to a gift card I got for my birthday, so it's not really a loss for me. I just feel a bit bad supporting such a series that has almost no merits anymore.
Scolipede/Pendoraa chibi

More Pokemon-centric latest collection update

As a note, I didn't expect to have updates nearly every day, but at the same time, it's still pretty fun. Although several things are still MIA currently (more mail delays that make absolutely no sense???), the recent stuff turned out to overall be better than what I was expecting. :D

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Of being busy, Vocaloid expansions, and story planning

As I try to continue and hopefully finish getting packages ready, I'll say it's difficult doing so with everything else going on. It's a very rushed time of the year, and it's still not technically midway through the week yet. It's also raining quite heavily outside, as it has been since last night. I fear for my next couple work days, when it's supposed to rain for certain. :(

The latest Vocaloid news is that Megpoid will be getting some sort of expansion (referred to currently as Extend) in 2011. To be honest, I have a slight weird reaction whenever Megpoid is involved. Megpoid does have great quality and can sound mostly realistic if handled well enough, same with Gackpoid (they're by the same company, after all). Although I like the quality of her abilities, I find Megpoid's design to be disagreeable to my senses by default, and I am not a fan of the official artwork, either.

Her voice provider voiced one of my least favorite characters in Macross Frontier (Ranka) and annoyed me to such a degree, it takes me some effort to ignore the fact that I can technically enjoy the music if I try to visualize that it's not Ranka singing it, in any circumstances. So I'm somewhat torn when it comes to Megpoid. I feel like I shouldn't be so confused by the whole thing, but I believe that her voice provider's debut for practically everything was as Ranka in Macross Frontier, and debut roles can leave lasting impressions and other possible stigma. ~_~

At the least, this might mean that Gackpoid will get a similar treatment somewhere down the line. Still, Gackt is always so busy and popular, so maybe the money they make from Megpoid's Extend will be put into scheduling Gackt, hahaha.

Speaking of which, apparently Kaito will be getting an Append disc sometime as well. Kind of crazy, huh? He's one of the original Vocaloids and was released back in 2006, so to have a new addition nearly 5 years later makes you wonder, hahaha. Well, if this really goes through all right, I'll definitely be interested!

Again, my experimentation has proved useful. If I have a mental rambling session in order to deeply work on story details, I don't suffer from mass insomnia issues. Unfortunately, I generally find a need to speak aloud to get the best results, which I can't do most nights. Next time, I'll attempt simply writing things down to see if it'll still tire me out. In relation to this, I've figured out how to work through a very large story hurdle in InSer, hooray!
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Before the release date x 2

I just got home not long ago, so I didn't get the opportunity to post this sooner. Excitement is in the air~! Got a couple packages of awesome today, though. I'll share two particular items because their official release dates are tomorrow, so I got them this morning, thus early.


Vocaloid: Utatane Piko
I've been wanting to test this out ever since I opened the package with this inside. ;A; Piko~! It's in a DVD case with an extra cardboard "holder". If there's anything fun inside, I'll update this entry later. For now, I'll have to actually install it first before I can say anything more. This is the first Vocaloid I've actually owned, so I'm really excited!


Nier OST: 15 Nightmares & Arrange Tracks
This might seem as though it's come out of the blue because it's been a while since the games and main OST were released, yes? This is the second OST album, specifically with the remixes used in the DLC along with bonus remixes that were never released before now. :D Although Cavia's disbanded and we'll probably never see any future official Nier merchandise, I'm still glad we got something extra like this regardless. <3 I'll let you guys know how the songs sound after I give it a listen!

In other news, I saw Tangled, and it was actually a lot of fun! :D If you like/can stand Disney movies, then I can definitely recommend it.
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Still excited~!

I forgot to keep track of how many trailers we had to sit through before the movie started. One that made me confused and somewhat annoyed was the new upcoming rendition/retelling of Red Riding Hood, with lots of sex and violence. Yeah. =_= Apparently Red Riding Hood is making out with a guy who just happens to be a werewolf and killing people in the village?

It's one thing to be cool with your own personal take on a classic that brings out the best of the source material while still making your version fresh and awesome (ex. Gankutsuou = The Count of Monte Cristo), but it's another to make things feel shallow and lacking. Admittedly, this movie isn't out yet, so it might actually be good, but the trailer did not impress me. :( Personal impressions are simply impressions.

My memory's fairly bad when it comes to the 7th Harry Potter book, so I kept forgetting what meant what or who was who, hahaha. I enjoyed the movie overall, but it did strike me as very slow in various parts. I'm much more excited about the second part, but I'm expecting to cry a ton all over again.

I'm crossing my fingers that my copy of 999 (9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors) will arrive tomorrow. If not, then Monday. I'm so excited for the game, it's a painful wait. The reviews I've read thus far have all been positive, some even calling it one of the best DS games available. It's such a shame that basically no stores in person actually have copies, so if you'd like to play, you'll have to order online.

On the good side, Aksys (the publisher) is selling the game on their site and offering the replica watch (originally provided only by GameStop's site as a preorder bonus) with the game or on its own. Shipping is included with the listed price, tax is extra for at least California buyers (I'm not sure about other states), and payment is through Paypal.

I highly recommend buying 999 through their shop because that's direct support to Aksys for releasing such a unique game as this in the U.S.

If you like games such as the Ace Attorney series, Hotel Dusk, and Last Window, or even the Myst series, you might very well enjoy 999~!

Speaking of Last Window, I've finally returned to it! I'm slightly past halfway through now, and I feel bad for leaving it alone for longer than expected. Although I doubt I'll be able to finish it by tomorrow, I hope to finish it soon. That's, of course, when I'm not working on artwork or other required tasks around the house or at work.

What still strikes me as sad is that the PS2 is considered a dead system, yet there are tons of new games being made and released for it in Japan. Pretty unfair, and none of those games will see western shores, especially not now.

Apologies for still not having the fun update like I was hoping to do sooner. It just hasn't been the best week overall and far too distracting to finish things I was hoping to.
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The owl returns + couple fun songs

The owl is back to hooting continually outside. I wish I could see what type of owl it is, but it's too difficult to see when you don't have a video camera with night vision. :(

In the meantime, I've found a couple fun songs to share.

Firstly, a Gackpoid cover of the song "Joker", normally sung by Miku.

I wish I heard this on Halloween because it sounds somewhat spooky, haha.

Secondly, here's a group cover of the song "Cendrillon", which is usually handled with Kaito and Miku.

So far, I think this is the best group cover and real people singing version of this song I've heard.

This stuff makes me think about possibly singing (preferably with friends!) a Vocaloid song or something random, hahaha. Unfortunately, I have nowhere to sing in private here and I know how unimpressive my so-called singing can be. I still think back to a particular college music class and the teacher noted how I didn't "sing" in the usual fashion, hahaha.
But hey, if things change down the line, I'd be perfectly happy to try for fun voicework in the future with anyone else who'd like to work together. <3
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Happy Halloween to you~!

After I got home from work yesterday, I forced dinner down and pretty much crashed immediately. x_x I haven't gone to sleep so early in a long time. Even then, I woke up in the middle of the night for a 3 hour span of time before I could go back to sleep.

The ironic thing is that even though I went to sleep early, I still didn't even get 8 hours of sleep. XD; Maybe 6-7, but not what I really need (on average 8-9 hours is best). Had to get up early to go into work, after all. I just got back and am waiting for my stomach to actually function normally, then I can finally eat. When I had a break, a yellowjacket would not leave my lunch alone, so I couldn't even eat. If you want to be technical, I haven't eaten anything substantial for over 9 hours.

As expected, I hadn't managed to get any holiday picture done, mainly thanks to that previous illness screwing me up for an unusually long span of time. It hasn't been a real Halloween for me in many ways, but at least I had an overall fun day at work.

Although I'm unable to do much tonight, I'll celebrate the holiday with this song, which I personally consider to be a little too eerie than needed, hahaha.
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More little weird things

First, the random owl returned to hoot away for a while.

Second, the rain is now picking up, making me wonder what it'll be like tomorrow.

Third, some of the boss fights in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow seem ripped off from Shadow of the Colossus; you climb up these huge, towering creatures and bust up their glyphs.

Current progress: finishing chapter 2 of 12. Since I don't have much free time, I'll be lucky if I can finish one chapter a day, but even that's unlikely, haha.

I was actually trying not to read any spoilers, but people keep spamming spoilers no matter where I look for online help. :( Well, at least one of my initial impressions was correct, apparently. >_>
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Start of a new (gaming) journey?

I'm starting to feel fairly close to being well again, which really has taken longer than it normally does. Maybe I should have taken Nyquil sooner than I did!

In gaming news, I got my copy of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow in the mail today. I've just finished chapter 1, so I may not have the best idea about the story yet, but I can at least provide some quick observations. The visuals are gorgeous, the storytelling seems very much like a movie, the music isn't so much like past Castlevania games but has merit on its own, and the controls are generally easy to grasp. Considering how most of the time, I care little for the environments in most games, the areas you explore in LoS are very lovely and detailed, making me a little sad when I have to move on, haha. I suppose that I shouldn't place my overall expectations very high so early on, so I'll take things as they come in this game.

I've got a lot to catch up on again. In the meantime, did I ever mention that I find the lyrics to this song to be very lovely?

It's like poetry in motion, haha.