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Revamped Sales, yay!

All right, it took me this whole week to get everything uploaded and written out, but I'm done for now!

If anyone would like to see the new photos and listings, you can visit my sales journal now.


P4 doujinshi sales entry
Table of Contents entry (for finding everything quickly)

Now that it's way later than I'd like it to be, it's time to retire for the night!
Clear - short story

InSer community + 30 Days of Games start: Day 1

Firstly, I've decided to go ahead and officially start up a community for my main story, Infinite Serenade. To join, you have to make a join request, but that's mainly to keep randomness down. Anyone can join now~! Any real updates I make, I'll share there as well. Fanworks are more than welcome, too!


Secondly, I'll be attempting the 30 Days of Games meme, taken from jeansama because I feel like it. There's a good chance that I won't be able to cover all 30 days consecutively, but I will try to include the subject when I'm able to, if not once a day.

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Clear - short story

P4 doujinshi sale at my sales journal~!

Some of you might have already seen the updates, but I'll mention it here as well.

I've updated my sales journal with a bunch of my P4 doujinshi, straight from my collection. At this point, I need any help I can get, so feel free to take a look and see if anything interests you.


P4 doujinshi sale post: http://tagami-sales.livejournal.com/2985.html

I'll be moving onto reorganizing my Pokemon sales items tomorrow because I'm too tired to endure that tonight. My day has kind of gone in a very strange direction, but I am happy to have accomplished what I have today.

If I don't reply to anything intelligently tonight, it's because I'll be working on artwork all hardcore-like for the remainder of my time, if I can manage. Here's hoping I can finish coloring something before the weekend finishes!
Icelus with Altaria

Pokemon Black progress for 10/5/10

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I got sidetracked today while helping my brother with his printer and no one went to the post office, so any mailing has been delayed until tomorrow at the soonest. Sorry for the inconvenience! After I have something to eat, it's back to organizing and hopefully artwork!
Icelus with Altaria

InSer chibi set #1 now available!

All right, after some delays, I was able to test out where I was hoping to go with InSer chibi set 1.

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Here are the general final results with shading:

InSer chibi set 1 part 1 of 2
by *Tagami-Crown on deviantART

InSer chibi set 1 part 2 of 2
by *Tagami-Crown on deviantART

The shading will only be present at DA like this due to it interfering with the media I intend to use otherwise.

I'll be taking preorders on the charms as soon as I can buy some non-sucky coating for them. The type I used killed several of the charms I already made, so I'm sad now. By then, I'll have the pricing figured out.

However, I can make some stickers or magnets of the set anytime! :D
Stickers: $3 each / set of all eight: $20
Magnets: $4 each / set of all eight: $24
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KH:BBS Rush Contest specifics are now provided!

Click here for the updated journal at DA!
This update includes more specifics, a decided deadline, and a definite prize list.

It's strange to feel like really wanting to go the extra mile like this, but I only want to make it fair for both winners to my contest. Somehow, I'm feeling quite optimistic about the whole thing.

Time to get cracking on more coloring before I'm out of time yet again!
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Random Points

This week, I realized that I actually like Grell from Kuroshitsuji. Episode 10 of the second season, while partially brain-destroying, made me really acknowledge this.
I'm also really enjoying the character songs for him and Sebastian that came out recently.

From what I've seen and heard from the KH:BBS dub, there's a great deal more clarification going on. <3 Blank Points still makes me cry, too.

I'm redoing the shading I had for the InSer chibis. I'm now at 2/8 finished, so I'm back one step. That's okay, since this should make the results look better.

As usual, I feel the most inspired when I have basically no extra time. I've now got a long mental list of things I'd love to draw, too! However, I want to finish coloring these chibis before moving along to anything else, otherwise I'll never get them done.

Since I have 4-5 people so far who'd like to enter my KH:BBS contest, I'll go ahead and make a new entry/edit the previous one with clearer descriptions if my brain can allow it along with a definite deadline date. I'm still hoping for more participants, though!
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KH:BBS Contest!!

I'll be opening up a Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep contest for anyone who still hasn't preordered a copy of the game (U.S. version).
Basic entry information can be found here.

Basically, I need at least 5 people to enter! You don't even have to be a member of DA, so long as you can contact me here or there. Since this is a RUSHED contest, entries should be done within two weeks!

If anyone's interested, let me know here or there!
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FedEx scam e-mails? Now there are D:

I'm a bit disappointed about an e-mail my brother got earlier.

The e-mail he got was supposedly from FedEx about a package that wasn't sent due to the address being incorrect. The invoice or whatever was in the zip file, which he'd have to print out, or so it said.

Since he doesn't have a printer for his laptop yet, he wanted to print it out on my computer here. So I checked on it, downloaded the zip, and went to unzip it...

Only to find out that it had at least 3 different trojans in there. D: I deleted stuff pretty quickly, but I'll be running a couple scans after this to be safe!

I should have noticed something was wrong, but I wasn't completely awake, which equals my sight not being that great.

Things to notice which imply it's fake:
No contact information provided!
No information about the order in question!
The written portion, as in the information provided, was a JPEG file/a picture instead of typed!

My brother called up one of the FedEx offices, and they never heard of the name provided as a "manager" nor the order/invoice number in the title of the zip file.

So if you get this weird e-mail from "FedEx", it's spam and a way to infect your computer!!