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Kingdom Hearts 30 Day Meme: Days 1 - 4

It's been a while since I've done a meme, so why not? I need a good mental distraction with all the sudden stress, so here we go.

Day 01 – Favorite Kingdom Hearts game.
Given the choice, I'd say Birth by Sleep. The main cast is awesome and I've played it more than any other KH game. To me, it just clicks the most.

Day 02 – Favorite character.
At the top of my list, it's Terra. I know I've mentioned this before so I'll leave it at that, haha.

Day 03 – Least favorite character.
I'll have to say Larxene. She always rubbed me the wrong way in all respects and never had any hints of redeeming qualities. :(

Day 04 – Character you are most like.
Tough choice, tough choice. Probably Roxas would be the closest approximation? We've both been thrust into the middle of things at times, not quite understanding who or what we are, just trying to do what we can, and making some close friends along the way to keep us going. :)
Scolipede/Pendoraa chibi

More Pokemon-centric latest collection update

As a note, I didn't expect to have updates nearly every day, but at the same time, it's still pretty fun. Although several things are still MIA currently (more mail delays that make absolutely no sense???), the recent stuff turned out to overall be better than what I was expecting. :D

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Clear - short story

Mainly about a couple random similarities and overthinking what's to come in a certain game series

I've been a bit stressed recently, with all the insanities that have been happening since my birthday. Although I need to make another small collection post, I can't quite gather my thoughts at this moment to do so. Please be patient for that.

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Clear - short story

Current progress report for 11/9/10

Still no doujinshi update because no one even redelivered my package, so I think we got a fail!mailman this week already. D: Our regular one is awesome and so nice. My mom said she'd drop by the post office to see if she could still pick up the box.
Edit: She somehow forgot the package after she signed for it, so that's yet another day of not getting it. x_x I don't even understand this.

And now it's raining again.

Since I was a bit productive last night, it's time for an update.

"Dreadful Thoughts" picture: 100% (not uploaded yet)
Prize picture #2: 85%
Old "thank you" picture for Evan: 80%
Diethelm character artwork: 40%
Prologue!Morpheus character artwork: 40%
Utatane Piko fanart: 40%
Current number of other artwork in progress: 5+
Clear - short story

KH prize picture #1

Prize - Unversed Buddies
by *Tagami-Crown on deviantART

I've been watching a seemingly moody, weak spider crawl around completely beyond reach for a good half hour. :( This isn't fun and it's not a cute one.

It seems I'm allowed to call it a night earlier for once, but I don't know how quickly I can fall asleep. ~_~ What's worse is that I feel awfully behind on things in general. Hopefully I can get my act together tomorrow and attempt to catch up, but since I work the whole weekend, I can't even guarantee that. =_=;
Clear - short story

Current progress report for 10/11/10

It's time for another one of these because I'm slowly catching up. Short, but to the point.

Prize picture #1: 50%
Prize picture #2: 50%
Old "thank you" picture for Evan: 60%
Prologue 1 title page picture: 65%

Also, the TV series I'm watching this current anime season so far are:
Nurarihyon no Mago
Psychic Detective Yakumo
Star Driver
Togainu no Chi

If anyone has any recommendations for any new series, feel free to let me know!

Edit: Holy heck. I just watched the first few episodes of Pokemon Best Wishes and a couple things caught me off guard. I'm kind of amused by how Team Rocket actually doesn't suck now, they didn't "blast off", and they were actually whooping Ash (along with Iris) so badly. @_@ Even Meowth got involved directly in a battle, what the.