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30 Days of Games: Day 30

And we've finally reached the end of the long meme, one which went unfinished for months. Thanks for hanging in there and reading each of my thoughts. <3

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If you'd like to see my latest artworks, here are some links:

Reshiram practice
by *Tagami-Crown on deviantART

Dreadful Thoughts
by *Tagami-Crown on deviantART

School Time for Morpheus
by *Tagami-Crown on deviantART
Note: birthday gift 1/2 for floweryinfinity, starring gakuen!Morpheus.

You'll Never Be Alone
by *Tagami-Crown on deviantART
Note: birthday gift 2/2 for floweryinfinity, starring prologue!Morpheus.
Phantasos with Zoroark

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Oh hey, long time no see here~! Well, maybe not, but the past 1-2 weeks felt like they were never going to end or something. I'll be having a collection update soon, when I feel more inclined to organize photos. Since I've been in a more artistic mood this week, I've been wanting to take advantage of it and get some artwork done! Currently, since I needed references done for my dear Kaito, I focused on that, so here we go.

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It's going to be Phantasos' birthday this coming Saturday (6/11), so I'll try to have something special done for it! :D
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InSer community + 30 Days of Games start: Day 1

Firstly, I've decided to go ahead and officially start up a community for my main story, Infinite Serenade. To join, you have to make a join request, but that's mainly to keep randomness down. Anyone can join now~! Any real updates I make, I'll share there as well. Fanworks are more than welcome, too!


Secondly, I'll be attempting the 30 Days of Games meme, taken from jeansama because I feel like it. There's a good chance that I won't be able to cover all 30 days consecutively, but I will try to include the subject when I'm able to, if not once a day.

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Clear - short story

Of being busy, Vocaloid expansions, and story planning

As I try to continue and hopefully finish getting packages ready, I'll say it's difficult doing so with everything else going on. It's a very rushed time of the year, and it's still not technically midway through the week yet. It's also raining quite heavily outside, as it has been since last night. I fear for my next couple work days, when it's supposed to rain for certain. :(

The latest Vocaloid news is that Megpoid will be getting some sort of expansion (referred to currently as Extend) in 2011. To be honest, I have a slight weird reaction whenever Megpoid is involved. Megpoid does have great quality and can sound mostly realistic if handled well enough, same with Gackpoid (they're by the same company, after all). Although I like the quality of her abilities, I find Megpoid's design to be disagreeable to my senses by default, and I am not a fan of the official artwork, either.

Her voice provider voiced one of my least favorite characters in Macross Frontier (Ranka) and annoyed me to such a degree, it takes me some effort to ignore the fact that I can technically enjoy the music if I try to visualize that it's not Ranka singing it, in any circumstances. So I'm somewhat torn when it comes to Megpoid. I feel like I shouldn't be so confused by the whole thing, but I believe that her voice provider's debut for practically everything was as Ranka in Macross Frontier, and debut roles can leave lasting impressions and other possible stigma. ~_~

At the least, this might mean that Gackpoid will get a similar treatment somewhere down the line. Still, Gackt is always so busy and popular, so maybe the money they make from Megpoid's Extend will be put into scheduling Gackt, hahaha.

Speaking of which, apparently Kaito will be getting an Append disc sometime as well. Kind of crazy, huh? He's one of the original Vocaloids and was released back in 2006, so to have a new addition nearly 5 years later makes you wonder, hahaha. Well, if this really goes through all right, I'll definitely be interested!

Again, my experimentation has proved useful. If I have a mental rambling session in order to deeply work on story details, I don't suffer from mass insomnia issues. Unfortunately, I generally find a need to speak aloud to get the best results, which I can't do most nights. Next time, I'll attempt simply writing things down to see if it'll still tire me out. In relation to this, I've figured out how to work through a very large story hurdle in InSer, hooray!
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Current progress report for 11/9/10

Still no doujinshi update because no one even redelivered my package, so I think we got a fail!mailman this week already. D: Our regular one is awesome and so nice. My mom said she'd drop by the post office to see if she could still pick up the box.
Edit: She somehow forgot the package after she signed for it, so that's yet another day of not getting it. x_x I don't even understand this.

And now it's raining again.

Since I was a bit productive last night, it's time for an update.

"Dreadful Thoughts" picture: 100% (not uploaded yet)
Prize picture #2: 85%
Old "thank you" picture for Evan: 80%
Diethelm character artwork: 40%
Prologue!Morpheus character artwork: 40%
Utatane Piko fanart: 40%
Current number of other artwork in progress: 5+
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Of timing and facts

I've been plugging away at art, but I'm having a really emotionally down night. It's about nothing in particular, so it's just one of those physical things instead of something directly making me depressed. It's just bad timing.

While I take a breather to cheer up a little, let me provide you with a couple little-known yet very strange facts about some of the InSer cast:

~Neph almost never eats solids.
~Morpheus can sense basic emotions through touch (if desired).
~Phantasos is an avid gamer.

Any random questions about any of my characters? Feel free to ask, but there are some things I can't reveal for a long while.

Also, my list of anime to watch this current season increased:
Nurarihyon no Mago
Otome Yokai Zakuro
Psychic Detective Yakumo
Star Driver
Togainu no Chi

Excluding random sessions of Bleach here and there, I'm not sure when I last had so many different series to watch in the same season, as in freshly aired shows. Stranger yet is that I'm actually up to date on all these. XD; There are only 2-3 episodes on average of each so far, so it's not difficult (yet).

Of these, do I have a favorite thus far? There is one that I look forward to the most, which would be Star Driver. It gives me wonderful Utena vibes, only with added mecha. <3 Nowhere as psychological, but I can appreciate the weirdness, surreal moments, and little mysteries sprinkled about.
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Fun charms, the infamous plush pile, and Pokemon Black party restructuring

I said I'd take a photo of the new charms, but I thought I'd go ahead and include all I've got by reilaa, so...

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I did get a noticeable change to my Pokemon Black party, so here we go again!

Utena Heart

Quetz Kero

Rubio Claude

I was so happy to finally get a Bachuru because seriously, they are the cutest baby spiders ever. I've written his name as クロード due to lack of space available (five spaces total), but I'll refer to him as Claude~!

Also, I got my P3+P4 charm set in the mail already. o_o I'll be looking into that after I eat, then I'll decide what I'm keeping and what's for sale. Stay tuned!
Icelus with Altaria

Of weird dreams, noises, and Pokemon Black party updates

So, I had a really random dream session last night/this morning. It involved a Hollywood version/retelling of the introduction segments from InSer. I summarized it to my brother, who thought it was somewhat amusing and recommended I use it for something in the future. This may mean a parody version down the line, but I'm undecided. I think I got annoyed with the retelling and forced myself awake, though. XD

Also worth mentioning is that there was some owl outside that was hooting for an hour or more. Considering how rarely this happens, I wish I knew what type of owl it was. Whatever kind it was, it sounded like an average-sized one. Hooting was on the generic, low side.

Most everything else is apparently working against me today, but on the positive side, I got some more charms I'll take photos of soon.

I've got yet another update to my party in Pokemon Black! One new cute addition has finally brought my party to the max. of 6~!

Utena (female) Kero (male)

Heart (male) Slate (male)

Rubio (male) Ibara (female)

I'm a bit surprised by that little cutie cactus. She's adorable! ;A;

With how important strategy has become in this game, I am sadly considering future exchanges in the party. Rubio and Utena are my main staple party members, and Heart has proven to be surprisingly strong and helpful. With Slate's recent evolution, he's powered up quite nicely as well. I love my entire party so much, but I have to also think about what's more helpful in the long run. When the time comes to make a decision, I should have an idea in mind.
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Current progress report for 10/11/10

It's time for another one of these because I'm slowly catching up. Short, but to the point.

Prize picture #1: 50%
Prize picture #2: 50%
Old "thank you" picture for Evan: 60%
Prologue 1 title page picture: 65%

Also, the TV series I'm watching this current anime season so far are:
Nurarihyon no Mago
Psychic Detective Yakumo
Star Driver
Togainu no Chi

If anyone has any recommendations for any new series, feel free to let me know!

Edit: Holy heck. I just watched the first few episodes of Pokemon Best Wishes and a couple things caught me off guard. I'm kind of amused by how Team Rocket actually doesn't suck now, they didn't "blast off", and they were actually whooping Ash (along with Iris) so badly. @_@ Even Meowth got involved directly in a battle, what the.