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Fate/Stay Night impressions - Prologue

Prologue complete!  Let's cover some of the smaller points and other observations.  Since this is the start of the game, there aren't any spoilers yet.

If you've seen the prologue episode of Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works TV, then this won't technically be anything new.  The changes are minute from what I can recall.  It's been mostly subtle, and both versions are equally enjoyable.  Maybe the anime a little more due to the lovely animation.

Personal observation of interest: the anime has moments where Rin is actually snappier when dealing with Kirei's phonecalls.  It's interesting to note that in the game, Rin states repeatedly in her narration that Kirei terrifies her, so I suppose from an outsider's perspective, Rin tries to come across as stronger and more emotionally detached than how she really feels inside.  This will likely be a recurring theme, but since I'm hitting up the Fate route (Saber-centric route) first, I won't get to see how things unfold for Rin until I attack the Unlimited Blade Works route later.

In the game, Rin narrates the entire prologue, and while it's neat to get in her head for once, she is really prone to rambling on about side stuff (i.e. here comes the forced exposition) at the most awkward times.  For example, it would have made more sense for her to explain all these lengthy insights about Servants and magic when she first summoned Archer, but nope, she instead sidesteps a really actiony battle and tells us all about these things.  It's vaguely amusing to have small clashes from the fight attempt to interrupt Rin's narration, but alas, she continues on without much pause until she's through.

So far, the prologue chapter serves as an introduction to the game's story and some members of the cast, while of course hinting at things to come.  It's interesting that the prologue is shown from Rin's perspective instead of Shirou, but I suppose that because Shirou has no idea as to what he's going to get caught up in, we'd need someone to help us, the audience, understand the basics in advance.

The upside is that this prologue chapter is more engaging than most other prologues or intros when it comes to visual novels I've played.  Since a lot of visual novels tend to feel more static visually, I'm admittedly not used to having more actiony bits shown, so if this keeps up, then F/SN will be a definite treat to play through.  For the time being, prologue time is done, so let's move onto the larger story~!
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All right, let's try to return to the way things used to be

It's been a long time since I posted here last, so I thought to make an effort to do things how I used to, for anyone who's still floating around here.

How shall I begin, after it's been such a long time?  Perhaps it's a good time to mention how I'm officially starting a Fate series collection, even though the majority of what I'm after has come and gone years ago.  It happens, so I've just been trying what I can in the meantime.

Back when I first watched Fate/Zero, I was able to grab a pair of fanmade straps:

It's hilarious yet sad to me now to realize that this is the only Fate series merchandise I had for years.  I seriously still can't figure out just why I didn't start collecting sooner, although I'm fairly certain it was due to being distracted by multiple other series at the same time.  At this point, I can only try to fill in some of the blanks, for things I've missed out on.  Better late than never, after all.  I won't be able to get everything, but that's only to be expected by now.

Have you ever gone through a session where you're playing multiple games at the same time and rotating around often enough to be confusing?  That's one thing I've been doing in my spare time.  I might chime in with how each one is going if the mood strikes, so we'll see.

Although my birthday passed earlier this month, I didn't want to let January pass entirely before checking back in here.  To those of you who are still around and have missed my updates, thank you for your patience, and I hope things will be more interesting again!
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To VLR and beyond~!

Firstly, a late happy Halloween to you all!  <3  I hope everyone had a wonderful day, full of candy and hugs!

Secondly, most of you know how much I love the DS game 999, right?  Well, I just beat the sequel, VLR, last night, and it's probably the most epic game I've played.  *_____*  I love the Zero Escape series so much!!  I think I like VLR a bit more than 999, but I love both games dearly regardless.

If you have a Vita or 3DS, you must play VLR!  It does help a bit if you have played 999 before starting (which you can get for cheaper now, even with new cover art), but it's not mandatory.  Both games are highly recommended, so if you can play them, please do!  They might end up being some of your favorite games ever, too.  :D
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Scolipede/Pendoraa chibi

Hadn't done of these in a while, huh?

Anyone else dealing with really bad loading issues with LJ today? D:

I got some fun packages in the mail today, so I'll have a happy little collection update here.

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For weird news, I picked up Portal 2 (yes, I caved in from everyone telling me to play it) today and find it to be very amusing, although I am not that good at the game itself. XD I am slow when it's from 1st person POV, or at least I think I am. I do think the turrets are cute now, too. <3 "I'm different!" gets me every time~!
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Catherine PS3 demo impressions

It just popped into my head today that the demo for Catherine was released yesterday, so after I dealt with the obligatory system update, I downloaded the demo and installed it.

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Mainly about a couple random similarities and overthinking what's to come in a certain game series

I've been a bit stressed recently, with all the insanities that have been happening since my birthday. Although I need to make another small collection post, I can't quite gather my thoughts at this moment to do so. Please be patient for that.

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In which I get excited about TnC stuff again

Whoa, Togainu no Chi PSP already shipped? 2 days in advance? @_@ Ah, it won't be arriving until at least another week, but it's still so exciting! I love the cover art so much, oh man~! Poster, please? Nano's so snazzy on it. <3 I only got the regular release because the limited release only has a dog tag with Akira on it and a chibi figure of Akira as extras. Now if they had new figures of Nano and Shiki, then that'd be a whole different story, hahaha.

Also just saw the official PV:

To which I go yay because it's the very first time Nano is listed in the opening and actually has his name provided. XD He's always listed as ??? otherwise. It took them a third release to actually show him more.

I'll also point out that I love the new artwork and sometimes wish they'd go back and redo all the old CGs, but I don't see that happening.

Speaking of comparisons, this is why I don't consider Togainu no Chi ep. 1's opening to be "canon" for the anime's wannabe canon:
Edits to hide Nano! D: So random.

And to finish this off, this particular video kind of kills my remaining brain functions of the night:
If you're familiar with both Togainu no Chi and Junjou Romantica, you'll understand.

When I'm more recovered and making more sense, I'll try to catch up to things again!
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Another slight TV series vs. game (source material) session

All right, I did a rush!playthrough for Togainu no Chi just so I could compare things in my head a bit better. Since I rushed, and I haven't played the game for several years, my information might not be 100% accurate, but that's not the point at this moment~! It's time to attempt to figure out just where the TV series might be heading in comparison to the source material.

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At the very least, I can say that watching the TV series makes you really appreciate the original game a ton more.

Even though it's censored/edited in ways, I'm actually still very excited to play the upcoming PSP version of Togainu no Chi, which is a port of the PS2 version, if only to appreciate how a non-R18 version of the story can be handled well and intelligently, similar to the manga series. Thankfully in these, everyone is treated well enough to make everyone happy, haha.
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Brief collection update for 12/4/10

I noticed a recent spike in the 999 OST downloads. Now it's over 115 downloads, when it was only at 42 the last time I checked a couple days ago. Either searching is leading people here or someone's sharing the link. I'm not sure what to think, hahaha. If only the OST was easy to find, then it'd be better for everyone. I'm assuming people are enjoying the music, though.

I took some photos earlier, but I'm only sharing these things in parts and on separate days. So it's less picture spamming in one shot for you all, at least.
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More photos for another time~!
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Now for the less general stuff~!

Since it's technically different than general review stuff, I'm making a separate entry for some personal impressions about 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors.

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No real point right now, other than my adding in some stuff that wouldn't have fit with my previous entry. Also before I completely zone out for the night, haha.
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