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Lots more doujinshi, so it's collection update time

Let's start with a completely random question! Do you take cold/cool or warm/hot showers?
Personally, I can't handle cold/cool showers at all. My temperatures in general seem somewhat coldblooded, so to take a freezing shower does not make me feel good. Warm showers all the way.

The forgotten package was specially delivered, finally! Although the main stuff that came is a secret for now, I did get a couple new doujinshi. However, I had been saving this update for a while, so there's a bit to share. Uh, but the odd part is that there isn't one large group at any point. This is going to be rather image-heavy, I'm afraid. BRACE YOURSELVES! This might be the last larger doujinshi bunch I'll have to share for a while.

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Long update is long. OTL
Clear - short story

Start of a new (gaming) journey?

I'm starting to feel fairly close to being well again, which really has taken longer than it normally does. Maybe I should have taken Nyquil sooner than I did!

In gaming news, I got my copy of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow in the mail today. I've just finished chapter 1, so I may not have the best idea about the story yet, but I can at least provide some quick observations. The visuals are gorgeous, the storytelling seems very much like a movie, the music isn't so much like past Castlevania games but has merit on its own, and the controls are generally easy to grasp. Considering how most of the time, I care little for the environments in most games, the areas you explore in LoS are very lovely and detailed, making me a little sad when I have to move on, haha. I suppose that I shouldn't place my overall expectations very high so early on, so I'll take things as they come in this game.

I've got a lot to catch up on again. In the meantime, did I ever mention that I find the lyrics to this song to be very lovely?

It's like poetry in motion, haha.
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Random thoughts while working on inking

I'm still inking InSer chibi set #1, and I found that the couple I've been working on have been the most involved ones of the bunch thus far. D: What doesn't help is that I'm having another emotionally down day for some reason. Perhaps constant work on these things is a possible cause? I'll continue along, but this did slow me down earlier. :(

While I was desperate for listening to something more atmospheric, I retried the Inception soundtrack. Even while watching the movie, this one song stood out to me a bit:

Maybe it's just me, but this song also reminded me of "Silent Edge" from Dirge of Cerberus. Anyone else think so?

In unrelated news, I have started Project Diva 2nd, which plays a little differently (required use of the d-pad!) than the first game. I'm happy that they improved the default outfits and each Vocaloid is given their own room. :)

If you want a weird observation, I fall asleep easier if I'm in the middle of writing script rough drafts. The dialogue comes out better if I'm half asleep as well, maybe because there's less of my personal feelings and thoughts being thrown into things?
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Collection update, including some customs

As mentioned, I got some more fun things in the mail. Nearly everything is related to Pokemon, though.

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When I started playing FFIV: The After Years, when they started talking about how the phases of the moon affects battle, the first thing that came to mind was "this isn't a Shin Megami Tensei game", hahaha.

Apparently I can't get over whatever it is I'm suffering from fast enough because nothing I eat or drink is sitting with me. x_x I wonder if the heat has anything to do with it? Still need to take it easy and hope I can make it through the next week of work.
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One more game down!

I'm still catching up on things online today, due to this being one of my days off of work, although I've had lots of work-related phone calls while having to deal with my grandmother as usual.

It may sound a bit sappy, but I really appreciate all the help I've gotten over the past couple weeks online with finding things and those of you who have been so informative and supportive. You guys rock so much! <3

In gaming news, I finished the main story in FFXIII yesterday after work!

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Long story short, if you have a PS3 or Xbox 360 and enjoy RPGs, you should probably give FFXIII a try for the sake of enjoying the story and possibly the battle system. :) If you're unsure, then consider renting it to get a better opinion. Regardless, the main cast is wonderful and the visuals are very nice. *thumbs up*

Although I'll be starting Resonance of Fate officially the next chance I get, I may also try out Fragile Dreams to see what to stick to more. My copy of Again should ship out sometime soon, but there was a noticeable delay in all retailers receiving the game for some reason. I'm also hoping to have another collection update sometime soon, but I just don't know when it'll be exactly.

I find Pokemon SoulSilver to be something fun to play before I go to sleep, and I think this game is turning me to love fire types in addition to the types I love the most. o_o It's kind of amusing, to be honest, hahaha. Of the Cyndaquil, Quilava, and Typhlosion line, I'm still trying to decide if there's one that I love the most, but I'm having such a hard time picking just one. Maybe I really do love all three together after all.
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How about some music with your gaming tidbits?

I will say that I'm on chapter 12 of 13 in FFXIII, and the soundtrack still doesn't appeal to me! D: In fact, there are really only a handful of the songs that I can say that I do enjoy. This is probably my favorite song in the entire game:

Today at work, Vicky said I reminded her of Fang from FFXIII. That was one of the happier segments of today because that's a wonderful compliment! <3 for you, Vicky!

I'm behind on catching up on things again, but I can't take any extra time to share the fun just yet, for what I have received, until I actually rest up! 2-3 hours of sleep to get me through a long work day is not the way to go. I've got a couple more e-mails to respond to, so I'll try to get those done starting tomorrow.

Did you hear the good news related to the KH series? There are currently 3 new KH games in the making, including KH3, and one of which Nomura is intending to release sometime within this year! :D He also hints that he'll have plans for future KH games past KH3; KH3 is supposed to conclude the Xehanort saga, which implies that the important "other character" is indeed Xehanort and those directly tied to him, but the story will still continue with Sora as the main protagonist. A strange update about one of the next KH games is that it'll be another game with multiple playable protagonists. I loved that about BBS because it was handled so well, so I'm curious of what they might have planned next!

KH3 should be worked more upon after FFversusXIII is finished as well, but that still leaves the question as to what the two unknown KH games are going to be about. The BBS Ultimania guide should have been officially released in Japan today~! The N.A. version of BBS is said to include more Keyblades, new enemies, and even new cutscenes! I'm still very excited for the eventual release, but the exact date is still unknown. Hopefully it'll be soon!

Another random game I'm really interested in playing that probably no one here has heard of? Again for the DS! It comes out next week, and I can't wait to grab a copy! <3 It's by the same development team as Hotel Dusk, Last Window (Hotel Dusk 2), and both the Trace Memory games. It looks like another fun mystery-solving game with extra twists~!
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Some thoughts before sleeping

All three .hack//Link discs work just fine, but I haven't tested out the game yet. Today wasn't the best day for that. I'm going off of memory for the content other than what's listed on the cases, but here's what these discs have.

.hack//Dramatic DVD includes:
1. Special Skit Drama with Haseo and Ovan interacting humorously with two characters from Tales of Graces who share the same voice actors
2. Tokyo Game Show 2009 Special Stage Digest (live promotional segment with various voice actors, the director, and other guests)
3. Special Interview with the voice actors of Haseo and Ovan
4. .hack//Link opening movie (note: this is the visually worst .hack opening in my opinion, but the song is great)
5. .hack//Link Promo Movie (promotion trailer)

.hack//re-birth Disc (Bluray that worked on my U.S. PS3) includes:
1. .hack//SIGN ep. 1
2. .hack//Liminality ep. 1 (it was included with .hack//Infection)
3. .hack//GIFT (special "episode" originally offered as a bonus item if you bought all four original games in Japan, but it was automatically included with the U.S. release of .hack//Quarantine)
4. .hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet ep. 1 (this is my least-favorite .hack animated series, by the way)
5. .hack//Roots ep. 1
6. .hack//G.U.Returner (special episode that has only been offered as a bonus for those who bought all three .hack//G.U. games in Japan, and it has yet to be released in the U.S., although it probably never will at this rate)
7. .hack//Link Radio (voice actors from the game doing a radio show)

.hack//historical Disc includes:
A collection of videos summarizing the main points of the following:
1. .hack//Infection -> .hack//Mutation -> .hack//Outbreak -> .hack//Quarantine
2. .hack//G.U. volumes 1, 2, and 3
3. .hack//SIGN (26 episodes)
4. .hack//Liminality (4 episodes)
5. .hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet (13 episodes)
6. .hack//Roots (26 episodes)

I got to see Cid in FFXIII and it's interesting how different he is from the other Cids. I'm still not far at all, but so far, the characters that stand out to me the most, in a positive way, are Snow, Hope, and Cid. The more I play, the more things will probably change, but we'll see. It's too early to tell. I'll admit that I've really been enjoying the scenery in the game, which is something I rarely ever pay this much attention to.

I'll go back to the art meme stuff tomorrow, although I don't think that I'll get 5 doodle requests in total, hahaha. Too bad about Daylight Savings Time coming out to ruin things, until we get used to it again. Time to get some rest while it's possible!
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Collection update + preorders

I'll admit that I stayed off the computer and internet until around an hour ago today. I was just too tired yesterday and it was wearing me down, so I wanted a little break. Even with that, I'm proud of myself for getting a lot done in online happenings yesterday.

What kind of sucks is that while deciding what games to preorder for a last-second choice, none of the shops I'm familiar with are offering the preorder bonus figures for Pokemon SoulSilver or HeartGold anymore. I kept seeing how the Lugia figure had questionable paintjobs, so that's mainly why I was waiting. At this point, I don't know whether to do anything about the preorder figure or not. They're all up on eBay if I really get desperate...

I did preorder FFXIII last night, and it's already being shipped. o_o It should arrive here by Wednesday. I was far more pumped about KH:BBS than FFXIII, so I'm not expecting the best game ever. I don't care about how linear or not the story is because I just want a nice story. :) Since I'm around 2/3 done with Heavy Rain now, hopefully I can start FFXIII when it arrives. To be honest, I'm looking much more forward to Resonance of Fate more than FFXIII. I wonder which will be more enjoyable in the end?

There's a kind of decision block I'm having for artwork. Would anyone have any suggestions? I'm stuck between choosing what to draw or finish next. Most is original material, though. Here are my current choices that are really sticking with me or are things I've already started:
1. full-body drawing of Hypnos (original)
2. full-body drawing of Thanatos (original)
3. something for Zelus (original)
4. a prologue comic with the dream trio (original)
5. anything of Terra (KH:BBS)
6. rough idea/guess of what Terra might look like in a future KH game

I posted nearly all of my current collection update in the Pokemon collectors' community, but I'll share it all here anyway. What wasn't in the community post is this:

I got the commissions by Kit in the mail, and they look way better in person! :D I need to get some frames!

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Here's hoping for a good week and that I can have another update sometime soon!