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Pokemon commission by Niraven!

First thing before I make the update entries:

Tagami's Pokemon
by *Niraven on deviantART

I absolutely adore how this came out! ;___; Tawny handled my commission exceptionally well, and yes, that's me with Tiresias, if we were in the Pokemon style. I definitely wanted Darkrai and Mewtwo in the picture, but the third? I thought Espeon would be great, even though it was hard to pick Espeon over Arceus, hahaha. I thought Espeon suited things overall more~!

If anyone would like a similar type of commissioned picture, be sure to give Tawny a shout! <3
Clear - short story

I'm starting to doubt UPS again

Last week, I had ordered an Engelbaum shirt with Imagni on it, and it was shipped through UPS. It's been a couple days since the latest estimated shipping timeframe, and still no package. Turns out that it went from Kentucky, to California, and somehow ended up in NEW JERSEY. D: The previous tracking listing wasn't even that far away!! Yet it somehow ended up being shipped to New Jersey. Now I'm forced to wait yet another week before it should arrive. =_= I do not understand.

In other news, I started up an art blog here. My DA page is still for more final works, but anything in progress will probably end up in Blogger. Since I haven't had enough time or energy to get anything major done lately, it's no surprise why most of everything I have drawn is rough. OTL

This song was a major source of inspiration when it came to shading and sketching things related to my precious, yet vicious, Devoid, which you can see in my art blog. :)
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A certain type of fun and appreciation

Tiresias as drawn by TRiPPY!
The timing was so strange. She posted that right after I finished with the weekend schedule for work. @_@ I'm so pleased with the results, it was definitely worth the money, hahaha.

I spent the majority of the day fretting over the schedule, thanks to last-minute changes, but it's done now, so I'm happy. When I get into such things, I become unable to focus on anything else, otherwise I could have actually drawn something. :(

Forgot to mention that I tried a signature hot chocolate at Starbucks yesterday while I waited, and while it was rather delicious, apparently it made me sick. D: If I try the same thing a second time and get the same results, then I'll know to never drink one again. No, I don't like coffee, but it was an important meeting, so I couldn't just leave. At least the cashier was very nice about my questions, since I've never ordered anything from a Starbucks before. XD

Since it's actually not midnight, I think I'll go ahead and finish checking up on a few things online before blasting along more in the doujinshi roughs. It'd be great to finish as quickly as possible, but I don't want to do a shoddy job. It's tempting to do another piece of fanfiction, but it takes me a minimum of 4 hours to type out something decent enough. I'd rather use that time working on the doujin. :3
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Sleep before work? What's that?

I'm almost completely done with coloring this picture of Tiresias, but I'm not sure if I'll get it done before 3am. If I stay up past then, I'll really be in trouble for work in the morning. It's bad enough as is, hahaha.

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It'll be another week of waiting for the continuation, and by then, Pokemon Platinum will be out. I-I still need to preorder that. "OTL My mind has really been on other things lately.
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Tiresias design in progress

The complete drawing is a full-body shot, but this is only a preview. It should look loads better once I start coloring!

I'm still working out the details for Tiresias' character description, but I'm under the impression that besides Imagni himself (not a Gen, by the way), there probably aren't any other Gens, official or fanmade, that are as confusing as Tiresias is. OTL

I'm still deciding what to normally refer to Tiresias as. It actually varies, but I'll say that Tiresias falls generally under the feminine-ish category, even though her/his appearance doesn't ultimately change. S/he does have an "exploration" outfit change, but that will require another full-body drawing, which I can't bring myself to do tonight. It's late enough as is!

I've also realized how small the world can be, when given certain awesome fanbases. It's a lovely feeling!! Fellow Adachi fans, I love you so much! ;_;
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Personal muse + continuing along

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Before I started feeling so ill, I almost finished drawing out Tiresias so I could ink and scan. May get back to that tonight, but only if my digestive system actually calms down. Today started out wrong and continued down the same route. OTL

Everything else is progressing either exceptionally slowly or not at all. :( Today has not been a productive day.
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In progress works

Engelbaum fan Gen: Finally finished sketching out and deciding upon Tiresias' default design. I think the final details were the hardest to finalize, such as the eye markings and appearance/placement of the Genstone. I'm happy with the design so far, and when the specifics of the different realms are explained, I can add or slightly alter details later.

Details involving this can be found here, in this wonderful FAQ page. Tiresias is on the fan Gen list, listed as Tanzanite, under Indigo. :3

Persona 4 special project: Looking at so many fanworks has been incredibly inspiring and at times overwhelming. Can I really do the same sort of work with decent quality? Even if I were to get each segment drawn out at least once per day, I realize that it will still take me a good deal of time before I'll be far enough to feel comfortable with sharing. OTL

It's also tempting to jump to the middle or end, but it's probably better in the long run to do this in the correct order. What's worse is that coloring, if I so choose to go through with doing so, would take even longer. I still want to go through with it, no matter what.

I will admit to having done a piece of fanfiction for the first time in years and have been considering doing another. It's probably really obvious which is mine, if you know where to look. ;) Yes, it's related to P4, hahaha...

Really, I've been missing out on a lot of side things in the past month, it makes my head hurt. Time to get more done!

My current inspiration can be found in the following, but do not watch if you haven't beaten Persona 4!
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