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Phantasos with Zoroark

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Oh hey, long time no see here~! Well, maybe not, but the past 1-2 weeks felt like they were never going to end or something. I'll be having a collection update soon, when I feel more inclined to organize photos. Since I've been in a more artistic mood this week, I've been wanting to take advantage of it and get some artwork done! Currently, since I needed references done for my dear Kaito, I focused on that, so here we go.

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It's going to be Phantasos' birthday this coming Saturday (6/11), so I'll try to have something special done for it! :D
Clear - short story

Okay, nevermind, one more thing before sleeping

The awesome killed my brain. So hard.

by *nheira on deviantART

Nheira is one of those really inspirational artists I've enjoyed seeing more stuff from. Then one day he opened up commissions and I really couldn't help myself, asking if it was even possible because of the time change and my being uncertain how many people asked before me. He actually said his list was full, but he'd be happy to draw my request~! ;A;

So behold his rendition of my dear Morpheus! <3 Go show him love!
Clear - short story

Current progress report for 9/8/10

Two parts of the meme were driving me nuts, hahaha. Anyway, everything is scanned, so I'll be handling the rest digitally until further notice. First comes the commission, though.

Interestingly enough, here's what I got in the mail today:

It's been so tempting to play, but guess what? I'm holding off until later so that I can get at least the commission finished tonight if all goes well. XD; Self-control win?

By the way, there are tons of spoilers in the strategy guide, it's like KH2 all over again. >_< So yeah, be careful if you've never played the game before or seriously don't want the spoilers.

Anyway, the progress report for the time being is as followed:

Sketch commission: 90%
Double meme: 45%
InSer chibi set #1: 70%
Old "thank you" picture for Evan: 60%
Prologue 1 title page picture: 65%