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Clear - short story

Delayed collection update time!

After taking more photos, I realized I still hadn't shared a couple other photos I took a month ago, so I'll include the major stuff~! Today was a crazy mail day, so that's why I must share!

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Have I thought about which gen. V Pokemon I'll probably collect? Sort of. There are ones that I think I'd like at least a couple things for, like figures and plush, but there may not be many that I'd try to go crazy out of the way for, when it comes down to what's been revealed so far.

Since I've already done a bit of collecting for Zoroark and a little for Zorua, I may stop actively collecting their stuff soon because they're not at my top favorite levels, haha.

I will say that the new Pokemon I'd probably like to get at least one thing each (plush, figure, etc.) are the following:

Tsutaaja (possibly its evolutions, maybe one more than the others)
Shimama (possibly its evolution/s if there are any)
Mamepato (possibly its evolution/s if there are any))
Victini (I'd probably go for a large Tomy plush!)
Clear - short story

Time for some gaming music fun

I'm still not sure what PC game I should attempt playing next. :( Instead of testing and trying, I have been listening to various fun PC game songs and thought I'd share!

Opening song "True Eyes" full version

Exorcism of Maria
Opening song short version
Opening video with Uriel's narration version

Lucky Dog 1
Opening song "Don't Lose Luck" short version

Princess Nightmare
PC version opening song "Tokyo Diorama" CD single
PC version opening video
PS2 version opening video

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep demo rip samples
Castle of Dreams battle song
Enchanted Dominion battle song
Spinning Wheel battle song

Of the above links, I'm rather addicted to the opening songs for Steal! and The Exorcism of Maria. I'm extremely excited about KH:BBS, but it won't be released in Japan until January 9th, so it's just a waiting game all over again. It's also a matter of finding a place to order from.

After a long and fruitless search for the Exorcism of Maria soundtrack online, I went ahead and ordered it. The sample MP3s off the official site were very encouraging, so even if I never play the game seriously, the music is top notch. The problem with loving obscure games is that it takes so much effort, and usually money, to get the stuff you really want to get in relation to said games. :( *points to Princess Nightmare as an example*

Finally catching up to some of the more recent KH:BBS news, some things are pretty awesome while other tidbits are actually giving me strange reactions. It's nice knowing that Zack from FFVII is still popular enough that he'll be showing up in the game. While I'm glad that we'll be seeing what the first six members of Organization XIII were like when they were complete, some of them just plain confuse me.

1. I can't wait to see how the story will explain the inevitable situations for the three main protagonists, especially with Terra. Terra is instant love in my book.

2. Xigbar -> Braig looks a great deal younger, no scars, no pointy ears, and no eyepatch. He vaguely reminds me of a cowboy kind of officer.

3. Xaldin -> Dilan looks basically the same, except with his hair being more controlled/pulled back and with less crazy dreadlock action.

4. Vexen -> Even looks exactly the same, just with lighter hair.

5. Lexaeus -> Aeleus (corrected now) looks exactly the same.

6. Zexion -> Ienzo. This one somehow bugs me a bit. Ienzo looks like a little boy! D: I do realize that the game takes place roughly a decade before the original KH, but I was under the impression that Nobodies stopped aging from the original form's appearance once they came into being/nonexistence. Maybe I'm wrong?

Is this the newest trailer?

A-Are those little blips from the opening? I can't wait to see! My main complaint is that they still aren't using a new vocal song. D: I'd love to hear a brand new song, not "Hikari" for the fourth time (1st in KH, 2nd in KH:CoM, 3rd in KH:reCoM, and now 4th in KH:BBS). This isn't Sora's story, although it'll inevitably lead into how the main story began. Guess we'll have to wait for KH3 before we'll hear a new song.

So I read that what were referred to as Unbirth are now called the Unversed? Okay, now I'm officially confused about these new entities in the KH universe. I think I'll stay away from early speculation, but I've been used to calling them the Unbirth for so long, it'll take a bit longer for me to get used to the name change, assuming it's accurate. If they're supposed to be the opposite of life or some part of it, wouldn't Unbirth make sense? Unversed sounds like someone who doesn't read, hahaha. We shall see!