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30 Days of Games: Day 20

With only two episodes left in the Steins;Gate TV series, if you haven't been watching it already, you might want to do yourself a favor and begin doing so. It's turning into possibly the best game-to-TV series ever, not to mention the script is so good to begin with.

Okarin is one of the best protagonists, too. <3 If you haven't seen him in action, this is one of his "best" silly moments:

When Engrish can be used in a most amusing fashion, oh yeah~!

Now back to the meme fun.

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Mainly about a couple random similarities and overthinking what's to come in a certain game series

I've been a bit stressed recently, with all the insanities that have been happening since my birthday. Although I need to make another small collection post, I can't quite gather my thoughts at this moment to do so. Please be patient for that.

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Of Vocaloid listings and Shiki songs

I saw this video that covers pretty much all the current Vocaloids available:

So if you never really understood which Vocaloid usually sounds like or what sort of avatar they have, this is a good video that's a brief introduction to each one.

Related to this, I've pretty much decided who my absolute top favorite Vocaloid is. That would be Gackpoid. It's not limited to just one reason, but I will say the usual quality of songs using his abilities has really won me over.

Of course, my other favorites are Kaito and Piko, and I'm not about to ignore them at all. <3

Apparently Gackpoid did have a "live" performance, along with Megpoid, recently. However, unlike Megpoid's performance, Gackpoid did not get a hologram/projection and instead a limited PV was used. :( I feel oddly cheated. You can see each here:
Gackpoid's: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-A1ufKq274
Megpoid's: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzwEwRbwo_E

I also wanted to share some songs from Shiki with you all. Although there is no listed release anywhere, I am really hoping that there will be an official Shiki soundtrack release sometime soon. If all we're given are the sample CDs from the limited edition import home releases (DVD and Bluray), then I know that hardly anyone will be able to enjoy the music, which is beautiful stuff. It would be such a tremendous shame and waste not to see all the songs get compiled into an official release. Without any OST listing, I feel somewhat restless. Regardless, onto the songs themselves.

"Day and Night"
Somewhat somber, dreamy, and soothing all at once. I get the impression that this is a sort of general Shiki theme. Is that a violin I hear? I love the strings regardless of what it is.

It plays during some of the eerier segments. This song actually succeeds in creeping me out a great deal. *thumbs up*

More laid-back with a touch of wishful thinking, thanks to the piano playing.

"Eau de Vie"
A more mysterious song, making you feel like something isn't quite right, or perhaps there's a much larger picture we're not really seeing. I believe this plays when surprising developments are hinted at or acted upon.

"Muddy Water"
Can I call this a funky wannabe hiphop type song? XD A combination of somewhat rougher-quality vocals (as though you're listening to them on a radio with slight static) and jingling bells makes for an interesting combo.

It shares some melody segments with "Day and Night", but has a drier, bell-focused sound.

Even if you haven't given Shiki a watch, I hope you can still enjoy the music. :)
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And another series finishes

Multiple series are finishing up today, which strikes me as sad in that respect. While I wait for the others, let me summarize Shiki, now that it's over.

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Also, the Starry Sky anime seems to be split up per character after all, probably two episodes per character. Ep. 2 still followed my dude (Capricorn = Tomoe), but the preview segment showed that we'd get someone completely different next time. Actually, I really enjoyed the first two episodes, and they seemed to appeal to my interests. Then again, I'm also a Capricorn, so... There are multiple "destined" things about this as well, but that's another explanation for another time, haha.
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Was it worth the wait?

Now we have episode 12 of Togainu no Chi TV, which I've attempted to watch all the way through like a dozen times. My first viewing was a limit of around 1 minute and 17 seconds before I had to stop; I was actually choking on my dinner repeatedly. So here is my summary + review of this episode, now that I've been able to watch it in its entirety.

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And with that, it's time to sleep!
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In which I get excited about TnC stuff again

Whoa, Togainu no Chi PSP already shipped? 2 days in advance? @_@ Ah, it won't be arriving until at least another week, but it's still so exciting! I love the cover art so much, oh man~! Poster, please? Nano's so snazzy on it. <3 I only got the regular release because the limited release only has a dog tag with Akira on it and a chibi figure of Akira as extras. Now if they had new figures of Nano and Shiki, then that'd be a whole different story, hahaha.

Also just saw the official PV:

To which I go yay because it's the very first time Nano is listed in the opening and actually has his name provided. XD He's always listed as ??? otherwise. It took them a third release to actually show him more.

I'll also point out that I love the new artwork and sometimes wish they'd go back and redo all the old CGs, but I don't see that happening.

Speaking of comparisons, this is why I don't consider Togainu no Chi ep. 1's opening to be "canon" for the anime's wannabe canon:
Edits to hide Nano! D: So random.

And to finish this off, this particular video kind of kills my remaining brain functions of the night:
If you're familiar with both Togainu no Chi and Junjou Romantica, you'll understand.

When I'm more recovered and making more sense, I'll try to catch up to things again!
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Another slight TV series vs. game (source material) session

All right, I did a rush!playthrough for Togainu no Chi just so I could compare things in my head a bit better. Since I rushed, and I haven't played the game for several years, my information might not be 100% accurate, but that's not the point at this moment~! It's time to attempt to figure out just where the TV series might be heading in comparison to the source material.

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At the very least, I can say that watching the TV series makes you really appreciate the original game a ton more.

Even though it's censored/edited in ways, I'm actually still very excited to play the upcoming PSP version of Togainu no Chi, which is a port of the PS2 version, if only to appreciate how a non-R18 version of the story can be handled well and intelligently, similar to the manga series. Thankfully in these, everyone is treated well enough to make everyone happy, haha.
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Maybe we'll eventually get the novel translations, or so I hope

Quickie post before I have to install stuff.

The wait for ep. 18 of Shiki felt much longer than it really was, but I can now say that it's best to watch the TV series before you bother with the manga. The TV series is a lot more mysterious, creepy, and atmospheric overall.

You can, of course, go read parts of the manga that coincide with what episodes you watched later on because much more information is provided, such as what a character might have been thinking at the time which wasn't shared in the anime. The manga will give you a more complete picture earlier than what the anime provides, but that's part of the fun of the anime. It's fun to try to work out the situation on your own first!

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