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30 Days of Games: Day 18

Let us rejoice, for there will be another game from the creators of 999, called Good People Die. It's on my watch list, and considering that 999 sold around 5 times as many copies in the U.S. than it did in Japan, Good People Die needs to eventually be released over here. Can't wait!

With that, let's continue with this meme.

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Phantasos with Zoroark

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Oh hey, long time no see here~! Well, maybe not, but the past 1-2 weeks felt like they were never going to end or something. I'll be having a collection update soon, when I feel more inclined to organize photos. Since I've been in a more artistic mood this week, I've been wanting to take advantage of it and get some artwork done! Currently, since I needed references done for my dear Kaito, I focused on that, so here we go.

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It's going to be Phantasos' birthday this coming Saturday (6/11), so I'll try to have something special done for it! :D
Clear - short story

A firey duo

Time to visit another possibly lesser known favorite of mine, when it comes to Sound Horizon stuff. It's "Ishidatami no Akai Akuma" (The Scarlet Demon of the Stone Pavement), which is one of three songs from the maxi single "Seisen no Iberia". It was released after the "Roman" album and before the "Moira" album. I think it's rather touching, so here we go.

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Clear - short story

Of important lyrics and translations

Anyone else into Sound Horizon? It's one of my favorite bands these days. :) I've been really enjoying some of the stories presented, with the Moira album being my favorite.

Speaking of the Moira album, I got a bit disappointed by the mistranslations I've seen, so here's my rant about that, followed by some impressions about what actually happens for those lyrics.

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If you're curious about my favorite two songs from the album, they are "Meiou - Thanatos" and "Dorei-tachi no Eiyuu - Elefseus". "Meiou" is my absolute favorite Sound Horizon song, by the way. "Dorei-tachi no Eiyuu" gets points for giving me goosebumps the first couple times I heard it.

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Scolipede/Pendoraa chibi

Hadn't done of these in a while, huh?

Anyone else dealing with really bad loading issues with LJ today? D:

I got some fun packages in the mail today, so I'll have a happy little collection update here.

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For weird news, I picked up Portal 2 (yes, I caved in from everyone telling me to play it) today and find it to be very amusing, although I am not that good at the game itself. XD I am slow when it's from 1st person POV, or at least I think I am. I do think the turrets are cute now, too. <3 "I'm different!" gets me every time~!