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Clear - short story

Do UFOs in dreams sybolize something?

To summarize last night's dream:
1. Bro and I were shopping in a large building reminiscent of a car garage and a playground.
2. Briefly, repeatedly got separated when bro kept rushing through a tube slide that kept closing itself too tightly when I tried to enter.
3. Caught up with bro (somehow the transition skipped during the dream) and outside, people were running everywhere.
4. Up in the sky (blue and cloudy), a enormous spaceship could be seen, like a spiked whale.
5. Said spaceship decided to send us many bombs.
6. Human-type aliens (think: most alien races in Star Trek) take over, oh no!
7. Definitely get separated and can't locate bro anywhere.
8. More fail stealth action!

Apparently in P3P, the girl protagonist has different battle music, while Minato retains the usual "Mass Destruction" song. o_o I need to hear the full version of the new battle song before I can get a real opinion.

While trying not to let my depression get the better of me, I had a very delayed reaction about a couple of doujin circles and what other works they've done before. OTL My love of Ryoji finally got the better of me in the process.

There's still that P4 team effort doujinshi project to tackle sometime, when my life isn't so chaotic. Should we give ourselves page limits? Since it's separate from the one I already started, I'm still having difficulty thinking up something humorous. I fail at normal humor. OTL Maybe something cute in a weird way? We shall see.

Kit at DA brought up an interesting challenge: draw your very first OC or Persona. The only one I can really think of is Vega, the main character in this old story I had back in middle school. I'll consider it!

Still am working on other things, but my productivity levels have been awful today and yesterday. ;_;
Clear - short story

Both sides of P3P

The computer has been running fine as of late, so good news is good. Recovering old programs is still taking forever, and there are several programs that I'm unable to remember the names for.

I've gone through some online games lately, to see what still works and what doesn't. The online games I'm still sticking with include Rappelz and Fiesta. For Fiesta, I can't access my old account for whatever reason, so I started all over from scratch. I gave Perfect World a try and couldn't stand it, so it has been uninstalled. I have yet to reinstall SMT: Imagine Online, so it'll be a bit longer before I retry that.

Yesterday at work was a trial, if only because I got to deal with possibly the worst customer ever. D: I still think she was drunk.

The PSP version of Persona 3, called Persona 3 Portable (P3P from here on out), seems interesting in many ways, such as being given the option to choose between playing as Minato or a new female character (should we call her Minako?) which in turn reflects upon how Elizabeth will appear (female for Minato, male for the new girl). I'm a bit torn about the lack of interactivity while outside of Tartarus (it's the exact same way with Phantasy Star Portable!), but the prospect of getting new social links is almost too appealing to pass on. Please, Atlus, please make an announcement soon for a U.S. release!

Out of the three Persona 3 openings (P3, P3 FES, and now P3P), I like this one the most! :D

Ryoji! <3
Thanatos! <3