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Collection update #2 - Doujinshi

First off, let's start with the P4 additions because it's been a bit too long! Well, not many of the good circles are busy anymore with P4 stuff, but at least some are still active.

"Bordeaux" - Adachi x Souji

"footstep echoing hollowly" - Adachi x Souji

"borderline" - Souji x Adachi

"部屋とパジャマと主足" - Souji x Adachi (front)

And here's the back.

Next up are a couple of KH additions! They're so hard to get a hold of, but I really love these!

"Slow" - fluff, vague shounen-ai material with Terra x Ven, mostly general

Back cover because Terra is love~!

"オレトハイカ" - gag, shounen-ai with Roxas as uke material while Samurai (humanized version of the Samurai Nobody) and Axel fight for Roxas' attention.

I think I'd like to do some human!Samurai fanart sometime. He also reminds me visually of one of my oldest human characters, hahaha.

Third is an update with some FMA doujinshi! I do own a couple from before, but I'm still looking for them. Until then, I can only update with new books.

I really like stuff with Ling/Greed (you'd have to read the manga or watch the second TV series to understand this!) since they're some of my favorite FMA characters, but it's actually not as easy to find stuff with them. D: Most circles do stuff involving Roy, and while I do like Roy, the market is kind of over-saturated with him.

"皇帝と豆" - Ling x Ed

"欲深きモノ" - Greed x Ed

"我想君" - Ling x Ed

Fourthly, here is the weirder side of this doujinshi update.

I do like Devil May Cry stuff, mainly involving Dante and Vergil. I know, I'm so wrong, hahaha. But honestly, most of these are humor and don't have anything crazy for once. These were not initially intended, but they just ended up in my purchase pile. I don't exactly understand it, either, but at least they're fun.

This was out of the blue, but it was available very easily, so I consider myself lucky for getting this. It's a compilation book with Asch x Luke stuff from Tales of the Abyss, which is also my very first ToA doujinshi!

Another seemingly random addition, this time a Valkyrie Profile doujinshi, which is another first. I don't believe anything VP-related is easy to find anymore, so I'm glad to have finally found something for a change.
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