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Points of the moment

1. P3P will be released in the U.S. in roughly 6 months. That news surprised me because I gave up on the possibility. I'll still give it a try!

2. Already starting my next remix, which is another song from KH:BBS. Same with most projects I do, starting is the absolute hardest part. This is triply true with music.

3. I've reached the final boss battle for Aqua's story. Said boss is the only boss that's given me trouble so far, so that means it's time to figure out a good strategy and/or level up more. The fight is similar to something out of KH2, but it's about 10 times more psychotic.

4. While I've been playing KH:BBS on Proud mode, the only time I've had the real requirement of using recovery items was while fighting Vanitas earlier. XD The final boss battle for Aqua's story is also up there, but it counts more if I can survive that battle!

5. The previous two points make me realize that the people who were streaming their playthroughs live tended to do mostly awful jobs at playing the game because they were rushing so much. All the videos of said streams I've seen were played at STANDARD (normal difficulty) mode and yet they were having so much trouble with the regular enemies.

6. Even though I really want to show BBS's story to at least my mother, there aren't any easily accessible subtitled versions of the story cutscenes online yet and I personally don't have any good programs for slapping decent subtitles onto videos. :( Double fail.

7. I get really amused that now we have a lot of fan names for certain spoiler type characters in the KH games. XD Even the fan nickname of Mansex for Xemnas still cracks me up.

8. I thought about which KH games I like in a particular order. For the main games that have a Final Mix version, the FM version is preferred, but I'm cool with whichever version in the end when it comes down to basic everything present. :) Although, KH2:FM is a special case because of just how much was added when compared to the original release.
Here's what I've come up with:
Favorite -> Least Favorite
KH:BBS -> KH2 -> KH:reCoM -> KH1 -> KH:CoM -> KH:358/2 Days

9. My top three favorite KH charactes?
Terra -> Xemnas -> Ansem (Seeker of Darkness)
This alone can be incredibly amusing if you know more about the overall series.
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