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Happy Halloween, Dia de los Muertos, and all that fun stuff!

It's been about a week since I last updated here. I got busy then really distracted before other things struck, I'm sorry. D: Several pieces of art are still in progress, but at the moment, all I finished was this Halloween picture the other night. Better than nothing!

In other news, I got a rather large collection update on Halloween! Let me break it down for you!

This was my main Pokemon grail item, the Darkrai big figure from 2007! :D I finally got one! It's over a foot tall, much larger than I was expecting!

This was actually a "used" one, but the condition really isn't bad at all!

Love those details and it's probably the best Darkrai figure out there.
I don't believe there will truly be any wonderful new Darkrai merchandise for a while, so this will probably be my last Darkrai collection addition until further notice. I still love the guy a ton regardless!

I deeply wish I knew about this book sooner than a month or two ago. ;_; Elemental Gearbolt is one of those special, yet extremely obscure, games that I have a huge soft spot for, hahaha. This book is pretty much a "behind the scenes and making of" kind of book, which is really awesome. Now I can see all the names given to the enemies that run rampant throughout the game, for example. Full translation of everything else, please.

Did I ever mention here where my main screenname originates from? Here's your answer!

I still can't quite confirm that Tagami is female (there's a note with a ? near the bottom in a smaller picture, so maybe they weren't even sure either?) or male, so I'm pretty much sticking with the Working Designs character descriptions on this one, which states that Tagami is a sexless being.

This took years to find a copy of, so I'm happy to have found it finally! It's about the same size as the P4 Club book and contains the same kind of stuff like character sections with fanart bonus material.

Although I haven't taken a photo of it yet, I also got the figure of Akihiko. :D I'll keep him in the box until I'm able to get him posing next to Minato like how it's supposed to be.

When I saw this, I fell in love with it. XD It was listed as some limited edition promotional poster too. I rarely see such awesome official art with Hollow Ichigo, so I jumped on this very fast. Too bad I hadn't planned ahead, so I do not know where to put this poster yet. It's pretty large! Hopefully I'll get a frame for it soon.

When I have more time, I'll have a P4 doujinshi collection update as well. I got a dozen or so new books with more fun~! Until the next update, I'll leave you with this picture of one of the doujinshi panels~! I love that fan circle so much!!

Adachi says bye for now!
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