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Some P4 and P3 fun

Now that we're on chapter 7 of the official P4 manga, Adachi finally gets to show up again! It's only for two pages, but I'm so happy about it! ;_;

I also got a couple of P3 doujinshi, which make them my very first from that game! :D Thank you so much, ariseishirou!

Seishounen Ryouiki - Minato x Akihiko

I stalk away from the XXX - Ryoji x Minato

In art news, I'm almost done with the linework on this fun picture. I learned that drawing my Persona, Thoth, isn't that tricky. :D Drawing Vicky's Persona, Ul, was a bit more complicated, but it was a nice change of pace, so no problems!
Tags: artwork, collection, doujinshi, persona 3, persona 4

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