October 15th, 2010

Clear - short story

KH prize picture #1

Prize - Unversed Buddies
by *Tagami-Crown on deviantART

I've been watching a seemingly moody, weak spider crawl around completely beyond reach for a good half hour. :( This isn't fun and it's not a cute one.

It seems I'm allowed to call it a night earlier for once, but I don't know how quickly I can fall asleep. ~_~ What's worse is that I feel awfully behind on things in general. Hopefully I can get my act together tomorrow and attempt to catch up, but since I work the whole weekend, I can't even guarantee that. =_=;
Clear - short story

Fun charms, the infamous plush pile, and Pokemon Black party restructuring

I said I'd take a photo of the new charms, but I thought I'd go ahead and include all I've got by reilaa, so...

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I did get a noticeable change to my Pokemon Black party, so here we go again!

Utena Heart

Quetz Kero

Rubio Claude

I was so happy to finally get a Bachuru because seriously, they are the cutest baby spiders ever. I've written his name as クロード due to lack of space available (five spaces total), but I'll refer to him as Claude~!

Also, I got my P3+P4 charm set in the mail already. o_o I'll be looking into that after I eat, then I'll decide what I'm keeping and what's for sale. Stay tuned!
Clear - short story

P3+P4 charms ahoy!

I've gone through the P3+P4 charms box and yes, it's the full set, so unless I actually get my original order in addition to this second one, there are no duplicates available.
The order I have yet to receive was a preorder from August, but I really don't believe I'll be getting it at this rate. This box is an actual non-preorder I made this month. It makes no sense. D:

I'm splitting this into two sections:

The first is the overall look of the box and what I'm keeping.

The second section will be showing what I have available to sell of these charms.
The sale part is open to friends only for the time being. When interest here is gone or some are unclaimed, the remainders will go into my main sales journal.

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