September 9th, 2009

Clear - short story

Why so expensive, FFXIII? D:

Apparently FFXIII will cost about $100 imported. That's not for a special edition or anything fancy. My guess is that it might be two discs or double-sided, otherwise I don't really get it. Anyone have any other guesses or ideas? Regardless, FFXIII won't be released until the week before Christmas, so there's time to think this over.

In doujinshi collection news, I got a couple more P3 doujinshi!

Evanesce - Ryoji x Minato

Kowai mono wo Minai you ni Me wo Fusai de - Ryoji x Minato

I also recently received one of my Pokemon grail items, the Arceus big figure! :D Special thanks go to shiningraikou! <3
The quality is really top notch and I love the smooth feel of whatever material he's made out of. My only complaint is that the right side of his neck never sits correctly, so you can see the internal connection somewhat. D: Well, you never know what you're going to get when it's not in person, and the box was pretty large. It was still worth it in the end, though. ^o^

You've got good taste, Arceus!

He also likes the PS3 and demands more shinies!