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All right, let's try to return to the way things used to be

It's been a long time since I posted here last, so I thought to make an effort to do things how I used to, for anyone who's still floating around here.

How shall I begin, after it's been such a long time?  Perhaps it's a good time to mention how I'm officially starting a Fate series collection, even though the majority of what I'm after has come and gone years ago.  It happens, so I've just been trying what I can in the meantime.

Back when I first watched Fate/Zero, I was able to grab a pair of fanmade straps:

It's hilarious yet sad to me now to realize that this is the only Fate series merchandise I had for years.  I seriously still can't figure out just why I didn't start collecting sooner, although I'm fairly certain it was due to being distracted by multiple other series at the same time.  At this point, I can only try to fill in some of the blanks, for things I've missed out on.  Better late than never, after all.  I won't be able to get everything, but that's only to be expected by now.

Have you ever gone through a session where you're playing multiple games at the same time and rotating around often enough to be confusing?  That's one thing I've been doing in my spare time.  I might chime in with how each one is going if the mood strikes, so we'll see.

Although my birthday passed earlier this month, I didn't want to let January pass entirely before checking back in here.  To those of you who are still around and have missed my updates, thank you for your patience, and I hope things will be more interesting again!
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