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The Hidden Crown
Darker than Darkness
To VLR and beyond~! 
1st-Nov-2012 03:56 pm
Clear - short story
Firstly, a late happy Halloween to you all!  <3  I hope everyone had a wonderful day, full of candy and hugs!

Secondly, most of you know how much I love the DS game 999, right?  Well, I just beat the sequel, VLR, last night, and it's probably the most epic game I've played.  *_____*  I love the Zero Escape series so much!!  I think I like VLR a bit more than 999, but I love both games dearly regardless.

If you have a Vita or 3DS, you must play VLR!  It does help a bit if you have played 999 before starting (which you can get for cheaper now, even with new cover art), but it's not mandatory.  Both games are highly recommended, so if you can play them, please do!  They might end up being some of your favorite games ever, too.  :D
2nd-Nov-2012 11:48 am (UTC)
Hope you had a good Halloween! <3 I've been meaning to buy 999 and play it for ages, but I still haven't. I didn't realize a sequel had come out... now I really must go find a copy to play XD
3rd-Nov-2012 02:45 am (UTC)
I wasn't feeling the greatest, but I spent the better moments of Halloween beating VLR, haha. It was still great and my best friend got to endure my crazy reactions to all the plot twists~! XD

You should, you really should! VLR only came out a week ago, so it's still a recent release. When 999 first came out, I somehow completely missed the initial release date, so I believe I picked it up around a week or so later, too. Man, those were good times~!

Definitely play 999 first, though. VLR will spoil some of the key plot twists if you play out of order. The story makes a lot more sense that way, too, especially since VLR takes place a year after 999 anyway. When you're able to start playing, I'd love to hear your impressions, yup!

But seriously, the scripts in these games are just awesome. I really wish there were more video games like these. ;A; When you get the full picture, it's just wow~!

There's going to be a third game in this series, which I'm happily looking forward to. Even though it hasn't been revealed more than "the script's in progress" from months ago, I'm so excited to see any announcements when the time comes. ^o^ We've got two winner games, so I'm confident the next will be just as great if not better. <3
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