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The Hidden Crown
Darker than Darkness
30 Days of Games: Day 30 
14th-Sep-2011 07:56 pm
Clear - short story
And we've finally reached the end of the long meme, one which went unfinished for months. Thanks for hanging in there and reading each of my thoughts. <3

Day 30 - Your favorite game of all time.

I can't think of a single game, so here are the top ones.

Klonoa: Door to Phantomile
Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
Panzer Dragoon Saga

If you'd like to see my latest artworks, here are some links:

Reshiram practice
by *Tagami-Crown on deviantART

Dreadful Thoughts
by *Tagami-Crown on deviantART

School Time for Morpheus
by *Tagami-Crown on deviantART
Note: birthday gift 1/2 for floweryinfinity, starring gakuen!Morpheus.

You'll Never Be Alone
by *Tagami-Crown on deviantART
Note: birthday gift 2/2 for floweryinfinity, starring prologue!Morpheus.
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