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The Hidden Crown
Darker than Darkness
30 Days of Games: Day 20 
30th-Aug-2011 08:41 pm
Clear - short story
With only two episodes left in the Steins;Gate TV series, if you haven't been watching it already, you might want to do yourself a favor and begin doing so. It's turning into possibly the best game-to-TV series ever, not to mention the script is so good to begin with.

Okarin is one of the best protagonists, too. <3 If you haven't seen him in action, this is one of his "best" silly moments:

When Engrish can be used in a most amusing fashion, oh yeah~!

Now back to the meme fun.

Day 20 - Favorite genre.

RPG as main, probably because I really enjoy games that have good stories. I'm pretty much open to anything excluding sports/racing, it seems. RPGs and puzzle games seem to catch my interest the most overall.
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