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P3+P4 charms ahoy!

I've gone through the P3+P4 charms box and yes, it's the full set, so unless I actually get my original order in addition to this second one, there are no duplicates available.
The order I have yet to receive was a preorder from August, but I really don't believe I'll be getting it at this rate. This box is an actual non-preorder I made this month. It makes no sense. D:

I'm splitting this into two sections:

The first is the overall look of the box and what I'm keeping.

The second section will be showing what I have available to sell of these charms.
The sale part is open to friends only for the time being. When interest here is gone or some are unclaimed, the remainders will go into my main sales journal.

Top of the box! It's actually got little weird comic type things on the sides and all.

Example of what I mean. I find these little humor samples to be very amusing and make this box actually worth keeping on its own. I don't see that very often.

Box open! 12 happy smaller boxes await, very crammed in there. I don't even know how I got them out, hahaha. More silly comic stuff on the sides.

I actually did keep track of which box had which figure, but I'll only add that information if anyone is really curious. XD

Keeping the Izanagi pair! ;A; I'm still surprised that they decided to include Magatsu Izanagi because anything related to Adachi seems so skimmed over when it comes to official merchandise or anything.

Keeping Souji and Naoto, part of the P4 fun! Glasses apparently reign supreme, hahaha. We're not complaining, though.

Keeping Minato and his Persona Orpheus, part of the P3 fun! They included even Orpheus' harp on his back~! The amount of detail and cuteness is crazy.

Again, these are only available to friends right now. Each charm is $7 (fees and shipping not included).

Teddie (left) and Shadow Teddie (right)

Aigis regular version (left) and Aigis school uniform (right)

Elizabeth (left) and Rise (right)

If anyone has questions or would like to keep one of the flattened boxes, feel free to ask. :)
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