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Fun charms, the infamous plush pile, and Pokemon Black party restructuring

I said I'd take a photo of the new charms, but I thought I'd go ahead and include all I've got by reilaa, so...

The newest are:
Phantasos with a Zoroark
Morpheus with a Lucario
Shadow Lugia

At the least, you get to see all the ones I've got thus far. I adore her work and wish I could do something so cute. ;A;

Secondly, I ended up cleaning up the plush pile a bit, so now it looks smaller than it was again.

Sorry Dialga, I keep cutting off your face unintentionally.
What's funny is that legendary Pokemon make up like 90% of the pile now, hahaha. There are a couple you can't see very well, but I'm sure they'll be moved around next time. :3

I did get a noticeable change to my Pokemon Black party, so here we go again!

Utena Heart

Quetz Kero

Rubio Claude

I was so happy to finally get a Bachuru because seriously, they are the cutest baby spiders ever. I've written his name as クロード due to lack of space available (five spaces total), but I'll refer to him as Claude~!

Also, I got my P3+P4 charm set in the mail already. o_o I'll be looking into that after I eat, then I'll decide what I'm keeping and what's for sale. Stay tuned!
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