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15th-Oct-2013 12:50 am - So I did some translation work~!
Hetalia - Russia White Flame 2
A side project I was working on ended up growing bigger and became this:

I love this song so much, even through all the tears, haha.  This is my translation with added specially created artwork for a rather long song, but it was a very good learning experience overall!
1st-Nov-2012 03:56 pm - To VLR and beyond~!
999 Snake intro
Firstly, a late happy Halloween to you all!  <3  I hope everyone had a wonderful day, full of candy and hugs!

Secondly, most of you know how much I love the DS game 999, right?  Well, I just beat the sequel, VLR, last night, and it's probably the most epic game I've played.  *_____*  I love the Zero Escape series so much!!  I think I like VLR a bit more than 999, but I love both games dearly regardless.

If you have a Vita or 3DS, you must play VLR!  It does help a bit if you have played 999 before starting (which you can get for cheaper now, even with new cover art), but it's not mandatory.  Both games are highly recommended, so if you can play them, please do!  They might end up being some of your favorite games ever, too.  :D
28th-Sep-2012 04:36 am - Revamped Sales, yay!
Clear - front mask
All right, it took me this whole week to get everything uploaded and written out, but I'm done for now!

If anyone would like to see the new photos and listings, you can visit my sales journal now.


P4 doujinshi sales entry
Table of Contents entry (for finding everything quickly)

Now that it's way later than I'd like it to be, it's time to retire for the night!
Terra side glance
It's been a while since I've done a meme, so why not? I need a good mental distraction with all the sudden stress, so here we go.

Day 01 – Favorite Kingdom Hearts game.
Given the choice, I'd say Birth by Sleep. The main cast is awesome and I've played it more than any other KH game. To me, it just clicks the most.

Day 02 – Favorite character.
At the top of my list, it's Terra. I know I've mentioned this before so I'll leave it at that, haha.

Day 03 – Least favorite character.
I'll have to say Larxene. She always rubbed me the wrong way in all respects and never had any hints of redeeming qualities. :(

Day 04 – Character you are most like.
Tough choice, tough choice. Probably Roxas would be the closest approximation? We've both been thrust into the middle of things at times, not quite understanding who or what we are, just trying to do what we can, and making some close friends along the way to keep us going. :)
2nd-Jan-2012 05:56 pm - Tagami_Yami's Feedback References
Morpheus with Lucario
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18th-Oct-2011 02:22 am - I love nice surprises~!
Tiresias commission from TRiPPY

"There is wonder is most everything I see.
Not a cloud in the sky,
Got the sun in my eyes,
And I won't be surprised if it's a dream."

-Kaito singing "Top of the World" by The Carpenters

As if all the lovely Kaito Append news wasn't awesome enough, he'll also be getting an English voicebank! It's a day one purchase for me, when the time comes, sometime next year. :) I could actually make out most of what he said before my brother pointed out where the song came from, haha.

I am so happy that Kaito's English is going to be clear and understandable totally unlike Luka's. Even considering that this demo was thrown together at the last minute and is still in the alpha testing stages, it's pretty incredible thus far.

Of all the Vocaloid news, I am most excited about Kaito's Append. Although I keep my eyes on the 12+ other upcoming Vocaloid releases, Kaito's at the top of my watch. I know I'm in the minority for thinking this, but it's still fun!
14th-Sep-2011 07:56 pm - 30 Days of Games: Day 30
Terra smug with closed eyes
And we've finally reached the end of the long meme, one which went unfinished for months. Thanks for hanging in there and reading each of my thoughts. <3

Day 30 - Your favorite game of all time.Collapse )

If you'd like to see my latest artworks, here are some links:

Reshiram practice
by *Tagami-Crown on deviantART

Dreadful Thoughts
by *Tagami-Crown on deviantART

School Time for Morpheus
by *Tagami-Crown on deviantART
Note: birthday gift 1/2 for floweryinfinity, starring gakuen!Morpheus.

You'll Never Be Alone
by *Tagami-Crown on deviantART
Note: birthday gift 2/2 for floweryinfinity, starring prologue!Morpheus.
10th-Sep-2011 12:20 am - 30 Days of Games: Day 28
Because this one's so quick, I might as well attack it now.

Day 28 - Favorite game developer.Collapse )
9th-Sep-2011 07:54 pm - 30 Days of Games: Day 27
Xemnas feel the dramatics!
Feeling a little better, so let's keep going.

Day 27 - Most epic scene ever.Collapse )
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